teasing and blue balls




The alarm rang way too early for Mike. Despite getting to bed at an early hour, the effects of the previous days torment left him exhausted. What could these Ladies have in mind for him today? More of the same? No doubt, whatever it was, he was going to feel even more frustrated than he did already.


He wandered down to the kitchen and was surprised to find both Ms Robbins and Brenda sitting at the kitchen table. His weenie tried to spring to life at the sight of these two Women sitting in just their bikini tops with silk wraps around their waists.


"There he is“, said Brenda with a smile.

"We have a surprise for you today" said Ms Robbins. "No work today, we are all going to the beach"

With that comment, Ms Robbins flipped Mike's speedo to him and the Ladies insisted that he hurry up and get dressed so that they could make the trek to the oceanside.

As it turned out, Brenda used to house sit for a wealthy family that owned a semi secluded beach front property. The family was out of town, so She knew that She would have access to their private beach.


Mike put on the speedos but noticed that they were a little different from the ones he had been wearing in the past. This one had snaps on the sides and allowed for the suit to be pulled off without being pulled down the conventional way.


The three of them piled into Brenda's jeep and were off. It was about an hour drive to their destination point, so Ms Robbins took advantage of the road time to torment Mike a little bit in the back seat. With his chastity device in place, getting an erection was not only difficult, but down right painful. Of course this just inspired the older vixen to torment him even more.

Pulling the snaps away on the swim suit, she took a long feather from her purse and began to tickle and tease his cock, although it was trapped in the confines of the device.

His groans of pain and frustration kept the two women amused as the 60 minutes passed quickly... at least for them.


Pulling into the driveway, Ms Robbins snapped the front of the speedo and took Mike by the hand out of the back of the jeep. The three of them wandered down to the vacant beach and spread out a couple of blankets and set themselves up for a nice day in the warm sun as the ocean pounded its way against the shore.


To someone passing by, Mike must have looked like the luckiest guy on the face of the earth. Both of these Women were drop dead gorgeous in their bikinis and as Mike lay between them he could only imagine the fun he could be having if he wasn't "locked up".

An hour  passed by quickly when Brenda rolled on top of Mike and told him they had one other surprise for him.


Running to the jeep, she returned with a large plastic shovel. Handing it to Mike she said "dig a nice hole here between our blankets"

It took a few minutes but Mike had the sand pushed away in an area about 2 feet deep and 4 feet long and 3 feet wide.


Ms Robbins then took out a pair of hand cuffs that were in her purse and had Mike turn around and quickly restrained his hands behind his back. They then had him lay down in the whole that he had just dug... making sure that his head and feet were above the ground. Once he was settled into the hole, they used the extra sand from where he had just dug and quickly covered his legs and torso, effectively pinning him beneath the weight of the sand. The ladies then took a big cooler from the jeep that Mike had assumed was full of food and filled it with ocean water... They then poured the water over the sand that keep Mike prisoner. The wet sand now compacted around Mike's body and if he had any inkling of moving, the wet sand was going to keep in place no matter what.


Fear started to creep into Mikes mind, as he was in the middle of nowhere with two older women that certainly had him in a position in which there was no escape.


Next Brenda dug a hole down to Mikes body right where his weenie was trapped within its device. Using some cardboard, She made a funnel to keep the sand away from falling down on his torso, she unsnapped the speedo allowing his contraption to come into clear view. Ms Robins then took out a key from within her purse and unlocked the contraption, sliding it off and allowing Mike's cock to become rock hard in an instant.


Brenda laid out long ways over Mikes trapped body, resting on her elbows so that her huge breasts jutted out inches from Mikes face. Ms Robbins remained at the base of Mikes body, slowly stroking and teasing his helpless weenie. Keeping him rock hard, but not allowing the friction to become too great as to allow him release.


Brenda then lit up a cigarette and with Mike trapped right below her, his face was an easy target for the smoke to be blown directly at him. The fact that there was no wind, helped her cause as the smoke hit him dead on in the face.


Mike was going crazy, but couldn't thrash or move an inch.


This teasing took place for 15 minutes or so until the ladies switched spots and it was Ms Robbins turn to torment Mike with her breasts while she enjoyed a cigarette.

Mike's cock was so hard and excited at this point that Brenda was afraid to use her hands on the young man, instead she borrowed the feather from Ms Robbins bag and used it to tease his erection, from the base of his nuts up the underside of his shaft and around the head of his now trembling hardon.


His control was gone now as he pleaded the Ladies for some sort of relief.


"I do think we need to change things up a little bit" said Brenda, "and I have to admit, seeing a guy in this position with his feet so exposed has given me a very wicked idea"

With that she slid down to where Mike's feet laid helpless and she began to run her long nails up and down the length of the soles of his feet. Mike was going ballistic, he was very very ticklish and this is the most helpless feeling he could ever have.


Ms Robbins decided to take advantage of Mikes new found energy, and pulled her bikini bottom off and straddled his face, forcing her soaking wet pussy over Mikes mouth.

Brenda was relentless and Mikes screams and yipes proved to be the perfect vibrations in insure that Ms Robbins exploded with orgasm after orgasm.

Ms Robbins rode Mikes face for 30 minutes before falling back onto the sand, looking up at her partner in crime.


Winking at Brenda, "go on girl, your turn to go for a ride, I'll take those feet for now."

So the ladies switched positions and Mike was tickled unmercifully for another 30 minutes while Brenda came and came and came again all over his face.

Satisfied for the time being, the girls laid down and started to concentrate their efforts on Mikes exposed weenie.


They tickled, teased, stroked and tormented it for hours while they took turns blowing smoke in his face.


Finally the morning was turning to afternoon. The girls agreed that they each wanted one more ride on Mike's face, so Brenda went first this time, straddling Mike, while Ms Robbins tickled his feet again.


The next hour or so was a blur for Mike, he was ready to go nuts from the stimulation to his feet and weenie not to mention the wonderful aroma of the ladies girl cum pouring all over his trapped face.


Running back to the cooler, the girls filled it back up with cool ocean water and poured it on his hard on. The effect was a bit slow, but finally within a few minutes his hard on got soft enough to put the device back on. Then the ladies freed him from his sandy prison, allowed him to stretch and swim a little while to loosen his muscles before the hour long ride home.








That night they ate and allowed Mike to pass out in his room. He had never been so tired in his life, or frustrated for that matter.

As Mike passed out in his bed, he was under the misconception that he would be safe from these two evil Women until morning. Little did he know They were far from being done with him.


Exhausted from the beach torture, Mike fell right into a deep sleep. Brenda and Ms Robbins waited a little while before sneaking into his room. Convinced that Mike was sound asleep, they secured his hands to the bed posts and lightly restrained his ankles to the bottom of the bed. Quietly, they removed his cock cage allowing his weenie to spring to life. Using two feathers like Ms Robbins used in the car earlier that day, both of the Ladies began to tease his weenie until he was rock hard.


While Mike may have been out cold, his weenie was hardly asleep. The two soft feathers caused him to be erect and the Ladies laughed quietly as his breathing began to become labored as he squirmed slightly in the bed. It wasn't long until Mike began to show drops of precum from the tip of his weenie. The drops became thicker and more frequent until there was so much precum pouring from his weenie that he was starting to soak himself as the precum rolled down his weenie, into his pubic area and onto the bed beneath him.


The Ladies continued to tease him for another hour or so, long enough that there was so much precum pouring from his helpless weenie that the untrained eye would have been sure that Mike wet himself.


Convinced that they caused enough precum to pour from him...they gently removed the bindings and pulled the covers up gently.


Fighting back giggles, Brenda pulled Mike's hand up and placed it on his hard weenie. Though asleep, he gripped his cock as if he were wide awake.


The two bit down hard on their lower lips to regain their own composure...backing away from the bed they hit Mike with a huge surprise.


"WHAT ARE YOU DOING???" Screamed Ms Robbins


The yelling startled Mike and he sat straight up


"I can't believe the one night we decide to take pity on you and allow you to sleep without your device on" said Brenda....."You jack yourself off"


Indeed Mike was alarmed at how wet he was....did he really jack off while asleep and not even enjoy himself???


"I dont know how long you have been playing with that thing... but based on that wet spot, it looks like you have been going at it a bit too long" said Ms Robbins

"You only had a couple more days and then the two of us were going to take you back to that beach house and fuck you silly for the long weekend.


"That's right Mikey, you were going to be the star of every red blooded American males fantasy" added Brenda.


"We were really looking forward to giving you a weekend of pleasure... but this changes everything"


Mike sat in his bed, wide awake, his heart in his mouth...he just lost out on the one thing he had been fantasizing about for the past few days... and for what... a stupid whack off that he didnt even enjoy


Brenda was fighting back a smile as Ms Robbins continued, "Well so much for the week long chastity... i think we have to reevaluate this punishment of yours"


Brenda took her cue..."I think he should go the whole summer, his parents called tonight, they wont be back home until late September, that means he is ours for the next 2.5 months with no protection from his mommy and daddy.


The horror was starting to sink in now.


Despite everything that was happening, Mike couldn't help but have a hard on... little did he know he had just spent the last 2 hours having his weenie teased with a feather and little did he know that the wet spot wasnt cum.... rather it was precum and he had just been the focal point of a very cruel joke.


Going to the kitchen, Brenda returned with a bag of ice... placing it on Mike's weenie, she watched it go from rock hard to limp in a matter of seconds. Ms Robbins quickly put the chastity device back on Mike, locking it in place.


"That's the last time that thing is coming off without our supervision young man" She added as the lock clicked shut.


As the lock shut, it emphasized that Mike's week long torment had just become a full summer torture.



After the ordeal that took place at the beach Mike was starting to wonder if he would ever survive the summer. With his parents away for so long, he was basically a slave to these two Women and they appeared to have no concept of mercy when it came to teasing and tormenting him.


He couldn't imagine what could be worse that what he was experiencing.

The next day Ms Robbins and Brenda greeted him for breakfast. They had already gotten dressed for the day, and he noticed that while their attire was somewhat revealing, they at least weren't lounging around the house in bikinis or lingerie.


He had been lusting after these two women since meeting them and he has been frustrated and denied for so long, that he was starting to wonder if he would ever cum again.

After breakfast Ms Robbins announced that she had quite a few chores for him to work on the next couple of days. Brenda chimed in, that she needed some stuff done as well, from laundry to her car washed and waxed.


The ladies explained that if he could concentrate hard and in the next couple of days fulfill all the listed assignments on their list that they would be willing to spend one night with him in the master bedroom and he could fuck them both.


OMG he thought, having sex with either of these two Women would be awesome, but nailing them both was beyond belief.

He kicked it into high gear around the two houses and by 5pm the following afternoon he handed both Ladies their list with all entries checked off.

Brenda and Ms Robbins smiled at each other and they each gave Mike a hug, making sure to rub their breasts against his bare chest.


"Go get showered and meet us in Brenda's room, You have a long night of fucking ahead of you young man, Ms Robbins told him.


Mike raced to the bathroom and took a shower, making sure that he smelled clean. Using some of his after shave (although he rarely had anything to shave). Once convinced that he was the young stud that he hoped that they were looking for, he headed down the hall.

Inside the room, both Women were wearing robes and appeared to be nude beneath the terry cloth garments. They moved toward him like a tiger going after its prey, standing on either side of Mike, they began to kiss him and slowly started to remove the clothes off his back.

Soon Mike stood in the middle of the bedroom completely naked except for the chastity device that kept him from attaining the hardon that he so desperately needed.


Brenda reached for a key that was hanging from a chain around her neck and she opened the lock, releasing Mike's cock. He sprung to life the minute his cock felt the air and soon he stood between the women with a throbbing hard cock, desperate for some attention.

Again the Ladies began to kiss his neck and mouth and Brenda was the first to allow Mike to slide his hand between the openings in the front of the robe and feel her full breasts. Mike's cock was now bobbing up and down in mid air and the feel of her smooth full breasts had him reeling.


The Ladies led him the bed and allowed him to sit at the foot of the bed as they stood directly in front of him.


His cock was throbbing and he needed to cum so bad that he didn't think he would be able to spend much time fucking either of these Women, at least not the first time, but since they promised a full night of fucking, he knew that he would get to spend several hours thrusting his young weenie into these two mature Women.


His excitement turned to horror as they slowly started to remove their robes. Instead of seeing the two beautiful pussies that he had been servicing for the past week, he saw two large purple faux cocks attached to their waste by a black leather harness. Mike had seen something like this on the internet once, he remembered they called it a strap on and here he was looking right into the eye of two large ones.


The look on his face caused the two women to breakout in hysterics.

"Now Mikey, when we said a whole night of fucking, you didn't think we meant that You were going to be putting that weenie of Yours inside of us did you?" asked Brenda.

A million things raced through Mike's mind. Not only wasn't he going to enjoy the sexual adventure of a lifetime, but he was about to be emasculated to a point that he never thought possible. Thinking past the disappointment of not getting laid, the idea of having his ass taken was a little more than he could deal with.


The girls approached him and before he knew it he felt one of the faux cocks rubbing against each of his cheeks.


"We can do this one of two ways" said Ms Robbins, "the easy way, is with a generous amount of lube on our cocks so that they slide in and out of you with ease..... the hard part is if we just fuck you with no lube, in which case I guarantee it will hurt like you have never before believed."


There was no doubt Mike preferred the easy way. Brenda took over the explanation from this point..."Show us that you are an eager little cock sucker and lick and suck each of our cocks and then we will lube up the first dildo so that you don't experience that raw-dry fuck feeling."

Mike was scared to death, he never had a dick, real or not, that close to his face and now he had to figure out how to suck and lick one of these things.


Looking at Ms Robbins, he started to run his tongue up and down the fake shaft of the cock. Before he knew it, he was sucking that fake dick like a pro.


As he continued to felate the fake cock, Brenda moved over and slid a chair in front of the bed. Once the chair was in place, Ms Robbins took the dick from Mike's mouth and moved him over to the chair, laying across the back of the chair, positioning his legs so that they were thrown over the arms of the chair, effectively spreading his legs so that he couldn't close them.


Ms Robbins then took a tube of lube and smeared it all over her faux cock and along his ass cheeks. Convinced that everything was in place, she stood behind Mike as Brenda took a place sitting on the bed in front of Mike, here faux cock was at eye level and so close to Mike's face that he could smell the rubber.


Behind him, Ms Robbins was spreading his ass cheeks a little wider, as She slid the rubber cock along the crack of his ass. He could feel it start to enter him. The embarrassment of getting fucked in the ass right in front of another girl was bad enough, but now Brenda was starting to feed her cock in his mouth as well. All at once he could feel himself being penetrated at both ends, as each of the women took a nice slow leisurely turn filling his body with their cocks.


To really put an explanation point on the event, Brenda lit up a cigarette and as she fucked Mike's face with her cock, she blew stream after stream of smoke into his face.


Taking turns fucking different parts of his body, insuring his weenie was hard and throbbing while blowing smoke in his face. The night seemed to last forever, but alas, Mike was saved as the Ladies decided he had experienced enough. All Mike could do was whimper into the back of the chair he was draped over. Each of the Ladies took turns swatting his ass cheeks until they turned a bright shade of pink. Finally Mike's weenie was iced down and put back into his harness.


"Tomorrow is going to be another day Mikey," said Ms Robbins, „but I want you to realize that we have taken your virginity from your ass and we are capable of doing just about anything to you.“


Mike collapsed into his bed with nightmares dancing in his mind. Mike was left alone in the dark and collapsed into his bed, falling asleep.








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