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As I approached my eagerly awaited climax she once again stopped dead. Slowly she stretched up to my ear and began to, ever so slowly, massage my cock and balls. " If you want to pass on your thanks to Mark for looking after me so well, why don't you cum in my hand?" with that she slightly increased her grip on my balls and lifted my hand onto my own cock. It was the first time I'd been able to touch my own erection in nearly four months. The excitement sent me in raptures. "Go on Darling, show your appreciation of Mark's wonderful cock by cumming. You know you want to, don't you?" she hushed into my ear. And like a helpless whimp I slowly nodded my head in submissive agreement. I began to rub myself slowly at first then quicker as she kept prompting me. "Go on. Be a good boy. Show me how much you love his cock to be in side me." Faster and faster I went until I felt the hot surge of sperm shoot out into her out stretched hand.


"Good boy, well done. I'll help you clean it all up" she proceeded to carefully and methodically feed me every drop.


Looking back that was the major turning point. From that moment onwards I was helpless to resist any of her plans concerning Mark. She met him once or twice a week for a ?drink' and most days at the gym. She told me all about her experiences with him and what they got up to and where. I was kept to a strict fortnightly schedule and only allowed release if totally tolerable of her relationship with Mark. On one occasion she went a away with him to New York for a week. He treated her to the flights, hotel, meals, jewellery, clothes, everything she could have wished for. Whilst she was away I missed my scheduled release day, meaning I had gone three weeks without erection.


On her return I complained at this oversight. To this she took great displeasure. So she decided to wait for my next scheduled release day as a punishment for not being happy for her having such a great time in New York. This new meant I was five weeks without relief. Meanwhile she had even decided to bring Mark home. At first during the day only, whilst I was out at work. But eventually she wanted to introduce us to each other. She flirted terribly with him, in front of me and even suggested I look the other way whilst they "got up to something naughty". She knew I was helpless to object, having been chastised for so long I feared my protest would only increase my waiting.


She had suggested to me before his arrival that it would be a good idea if I showed him how much I appreciated him ?looking after her so well for me'. Though I was deeply jealous of this man I heard myself thanking him for being such a ?special friend' to her and helping us out like this. He smiled at me and said I was a lucky guy to have such a sexy and naughty wife, even if I could not actually do it to her myself. When she left the room to fetch more wine from the kitchen he leaned forward to ask me if I had any idea what she does with him, "Even at the gym" he explained. My mind flashed images of them fucking in the showers or the sauna or the Jacuzzi or something. I had to adjust myself because of the discomfort caused by my penis trying its best to form an erection. He explained how she has the naughtiest mind and she always talks about how she is going to tell me all about what they get up to.


She interrupted our conversation on return by offering him more wine. She sat next to him, close next to him, and reached over him to place the bottle on the nearby table. Even though there was one immediately next to her.

 As she placed the bottle down safely she began to return to her previous position, pausing to kiss him full on the mouth. He placed his hands around her breast as she moved her hand from the bottle to his crouch. I followed her hand with disbelieving eyes. I watched as they engrossed themselves in a deep and prolonged kiss. She rubbed his increasing bulge in his trousers as he massaged her breast.


Pulling herself away from him for a moment she kissed his lips and explained "It's being great having you around Mark" she began, "Being there for me whenever I've needed satisfying." Mark was so consumed by her intoxicaton that I am sure he barely heard a word. But I do not think Mark was her intended audience. "My whimp of a hubby can't even get a stiffy let alone fuck me with it. And even if he could its nearly half the size of yours. Isn't it darling?" she asked in a particularly sarcastic way. I could not answer, both out of humiliation and the fact I had yet to see his manhood, even though I had heard endless stories about it. "I think its about time I showed him just how big a real man is, what do you think Mark, baby?" she uttered in the kind of manner one would talk to a small child. "Maybe then he will finally give up any silly hopes he has of ever getting to enter my very private place. Can you believe it Mark that he still thinks he could one day satisfy me with his shrivelled up little dick?" Mark was so engrossed in her breasts she could have been telling him the house was on fire and he would not have noticed.


She turn around and looked straight at me and smiled before returning her attention to her lover and unzipping his trousers to removing his rock hard erection. Pulling it loose she lifted her hair clear and lowered her lips to its juicy head. With a burning sensation in my own crouch I watched as she gave him a long and slow blowjob right in front of me. I could not take my eyes of this heart stopping show in front of me. She had not given me such attention in years. And now all I get is a quick hand job once a fortnight, if I am good. This guy gets it all the time. I so wanted to be him at that moment. I so wanted to be the centre of her attention. But I knew my only way to achieve such reward was by complying with her ever demanding expectations.


Before too long she lifted her head and beckoned me over. She asked me to look at how hard it was and feel its size and heat. I slowly and tentatively stretched out my hand and wrapped my fingers around its shaft.


It was definitely bigger than mine by a long way. I felt an uncontrollable desire to rub it. Reading my mind she said "Go on Darling play with it like its your own. Mark won't mind." He looked down at me and then up at the ceiling lifting his thighs closer to me as he did so. I responded by looking back down at his cock and beginning to massage its great length. It was like I was thanking it for the wonderful work it had done for my wife. I needed to show it my gratitude, my admiration, my ability to please too.


She continued to hold its base as I rubbed it up and down. I remember being so close I could see through his open zipper at his balls swelling up with arousal. "Go on be a good boy, do exactly what you saw me your mouth wide and suck it." He gasped in heightened tension as I plunged his cock into my mouth. I carefully sucked on the very tip of his huge penis, feeling its intense heat and throbbing.


"Deeper Darling deeper, its not a tiny one like your's it needs a good deep suck to satisfy it." she ushered. I responded by sinking his solid cock deep into me until I could feel her hand against my chin. And I sucked.



Turning her attention to Mark she kissed and caressed his firm chest under his, now undone, shirt. He grabbed at her breast managed to unfasten her bra revealing only her chain and key hanging down between her cleavage. She asked if it felt good for him, he only responded with mumbled grunts of pleasure as he buried his face in to her breast. With my mouth full of his cock I felt her remove her hand and place it on the back of my head, controlling my movement as he began to fuck my mouth.


 "Do you want to cum baby?" she whispered to him. She quickened my rhythm as she spoke. "Yes" came his response as he fucked me deeper and deeper. I felt his cock growing even larger as he opened his legs to allow me to get a better position.


With all the excitement I heard her whisper close to his ear "If you want me to fuck your brains out all night cum in his mouth." At this instruction he also grabbed the back of my head and quickened the tempo so much I was unable to maintain it. Instead I held my head as still as possible so he could keep and control the movement completely. Within in seconds of her words I felt his hot creamy spunk filling up my mouth. Its delivery forced me to swallow in an instant. I lifted my head up to stop any dribbling down my chin and continued to swallow the remains of his seed.


Neither of them even acknowledged me as they continued to kiss and undress each other. They eventually managed to disengage themselves in order to move up stairs to the bedroom. As they stepped over me she looked down and smiled at me saying goodnight. I remained downstairs as they fucked each other all night in my own marital bed. I was so deeply aroused I had to find a way of escaping my cage but could not. Instead I resigned myself to the fact that I had in deed satisfied her with my performance and that would mean returning to my usual schedule.


Thankfully that is exactly what happened. The following Thursday I was told to undress and prepare myself for release. My heart missed a beat with excitement. Eventually, after all that time waiting I would be allowed to climax. And what a climax I had. I had never produced so much before in my life. Of course she made me clean it all up afterwards. But she was satisfied with my performance all round.


And so my life of four C's husband continued. I still got all the mixture of emotional torment as I progressed along the way, but the pleasure of seeing her so confident and happy was irreplaceable. And the feeling of deep satisfaction when she allowed me release remained in describable. She continued to see Mark regularly and often went for dinners out with him and his friends. She even told me that there was a male friend of Marks who, last time they had a dinner party at Mark's place, came on to her in kitchen.

He felt her bum and whispered that she drove him crazy. She made no objection to him so he continued to court her affection for some time.


During one of my relieving sessions she told me she had bumped into him one afternoon in town. They went for a coffee and began to chat. His name was Tony. She loved his ?cheeky' smile, which he would make at her whenever they were out with Mark and Tony's own girlfriend. They would often play footsy under the restaurant table without either partner noticing. She felt it was only a matter of time before he approached her directly. It made her feel so sexy and attractive to have this man flirting with her behind her lover's back, in the full knowledge of her husband.


As she slowly rubbed my overly excited cock, her mind was obviously elsewhere.


Stopping mid stroke she asked my what I thought. Should she pursue this Tony or play hard to get and possibly give subtle hints to Mark that Tony fancies her. Maybe, she thought, it would make Mark even more attentive to her needs. "Go on Darling, what do you think I should do, should I just forget about Tony or not." She asked whilst holding my cock still. "Erm, I think you should do what is going to make you happiest" I mustered up as an answer. I was genuinely fearful that saying the wrong thing may terminate my treatment.


Slowly increasing her hand movement she responded "so you think I should start dating both of them then? You naughty little boy!" How that had been translated from what I had said I was not in a position to explain. All I knew was that from her reaction it was exactly what she had wanted to hear from me.

And with an air of normality she put it to me "why don't you cum to show me how  much you want me to have another lover to satisfy me?" With a sudden shift in pace she brought me to a sudden and quite messy conclusion.


She thought it prudent not to tell Tony about me and our relationship. Instead she kept her meetings with Tony a secret as far as he and Mark were concerned. She would arrange to meet him at bars and café's far away from the usual haunts. They would always end up kissing and fondling each other in the back of his or her car.


On one very proud occasion she took great pleasure in describing to me how she had met Mark as usual at the gym. She had masturbated him in the hot-tub until he could not take it any longer and they left to his place for sex.


But before attempting another session she made her apologies and left telling him she had to return home to her husband. On the way back she had received a text message from Tony asking if she was free the next day to meet up. She decided to call him in response.


When he answered his phone he explained how he was all alone that evening and could do with a little company. So she drove straight there, parked up her car and went inside. There he took off her coat as she entered his apartment. They then fell into a crazy scramble to get each other's clothes off as fast as possible. She ended up on her hands and knees giving her a fantastic fuck from behind. He was much more energetic than Mark and still larger than me.


She told me how wonderful it was to have two fantastically fit guys to choose from to please her without ever having to use my ?excuse for a dick'. It gave her so much to look forward to. She suggested we cut down on the amount of time she ?wasted' seeing to my inadequate cock. "Its only natural that I should have more evenings available to enjoy what it is you're giving me?" she enthused to me. So as a consequence of her new relationship with Tony I was put on a three weekly cycle. She felt it was not right that she should have to do all the work, but of course she was still not keen on me touching my own erection too often. So she purchased a device from the internet designed to help farmers get sperm from cattle. It was slightly adapted for the Femdom market and sold as a ?male milker'. All she had to do was unlock me, bend me over and insert this thin vibrator like device into my ass. As long as she positioned it right it would send me into an uncontrollable orgasm very quickly.


When administering this treatment she would position me over the tiled floor of the kitchen so to enable me to better clean up my mess after I had finished.


She explained how doing things this way made her feel more empowered and less of a cheap hooker giving me a hand job. And that it was only fair of me to allow her to keep improving her sense of confidence in her role as a dominant wife. From that point on wards she decided that she would not even touch my erect penis anymore. Instead she would use surgical gloves and a pair of forceps to handle me. As a compromise she promised that once every couple of months she would provide a special treat for me. But only if I was good.


As the weeks passed I grew accustomed to my thrice-weekly routine. I became proficient in aiming my load so I did not have too much of an area to clean, as I felt my tongue become very dry when cleaning.


One evening just before the passing of the second month, she was out on a date with Tony and I was at home doing some ironing. The phone rang and it was Mark asking to speak to her because he had not seen her at the gym for a couple of days. I must admit I was in a bit of a panic. I did not know what to say. I eventually explained that she had had to work late a lot recently and would be back much later. I said I would get her to call him back. But he was adamant that he had to speak to her that evening. He had another little trip to surprise her with. I could not think quick enough for what to say. Before I could think he simply said "I'll come over just now and surprise her on her return." I only managed a pathetic "But." before he hung up.


In a panic I called her on her new mobile, which Mark was not to know about. I knew she would be furious with me as she made me promise, on punishment of one month locked up, that I would never call her when she was on a date with Tony. But I needed her to know what was happening.


Eventually she answered the phone in a very exhausted manner. "What do you want!?" she exclaimed down the phone. "Don't you know where I am right now?" she asked like she was talking to a child. I struggled to explain the events of a few moments earlier. "You keep him busy, I'll be another hour or two." was her reply.


So when Mark arrived I offered him a drink and asked where he was planning on taking her. "Hawaii for two weeks" he responded with glee. "Do you think she'll like it?" he asked. "Are you gonna manage without her!?" he joked before I could answer. "No" I thought to myself.


I tried to make polite conversation with this man, my wife had been having an affair with for four or five months and was now cheating on. But it was understandably difficult. We drank nearly a whole bottle of wine before he began to talk about him and my wife.


He explained that she drove him crazy. He could not think of her without getting a hard-on, he apologised if he had offended me due to my ?little problem'. "But the girl is just so charged up, man!" he proclaimed. "I mean that night she got you to.well, you know, suck me off. That was something else." He began to slouch down into the sofa. "You know what she whispered to me that night?" He inquired. "No" I responded. "She told me to cum in your mouth if I wanted her to fuck my brains out! What an amazing woman!?" he almost shouted.


He went on to explain that of all the nights they have spent together that was the sexiest he can remember. And he could not explain why. "Was it because I was here at the time?" I asked. "Yeah, probably" he came back, sliding lower onto his back. I could see from where I was sitting he was getting erect. I cannot explain it my heart was pumping and my insides twisting and turning with desire. I felt such an urge to suck him off again.


He began to slowly describe all the times they had done it in different places and the times she had driven him wild back at his place, all the time his erection became bigger and bigger. I could not even feel myself move as I drifted over to the sofa, resting on the edge just adjacent from his lap.


I poured him more wine as he continued with his in depth account of my wife's sexual appetite. As he spoke he began to rub, himself subconsciously I am sure. "Look's like you could do with a hand" I found myself saying. And before I could think of the consequences he just unzipped his trousers and took out his swollen cock. It truly was beautiful, instantly I could see why my wife had fallen so madly for it. I began to massage it with one hand and gently fondle his round balls with my other. Under his heavy breathing I thought I heard him hush the words "Suck me". Even if I was wrong I gently leaned forward and took this man's rock hard dick into my hungry mouth.


Soon I was on my knees in front of him bobbing my head up and down trying to emulate my wife's incredible performance and ability to give fantastic head. He moaned and sighed over and over.


He was half drunk and half in the raptures of orgasm when I hear her car pull up on the drive.


Mark did not even stir as she walked into the house and made her way into the living room. Something told me to keep sucking, not to leap to my seat and pretend nothing happened. Without lifting my head I could sense her standing in the doorway to the room, watching her husband sucking her, possibly ex, lover's cock.


As she took a step into the room Mark lifted up his thighs and thrusted deep into my mouth, filling it with hot sticky cream. Giving a deep sigh of relief he opened his eyes to find her standing over him.


"Mmm. What have you two been up to then?" she asked with her hands on her hips. He suddenly sat upright in panic. "Don't worry, he may as well please you because he can't please me." She declared. Mark and I just looked at each other, almost as if we had come out of a deep hypnosis and realised what we had been doing.


"Come on then you, come and give me some attention!" she grabbed him by the arm and led him up stairs. She proceeded to give him an hour long sex session in thanks for his wonderful holiday gift. When they had finished Mark left for home and smiled at me on his way out.



As his car pulled off the driveway she called me from the bedroom to come up stairs immediately. I timidly made my way up the stairs, not sure of the reception I was to have. Entering the room I could still smell the musky scent of sex. She was lying there beneath a sheet, glowing majestically.


"So are you gay now then?" She asked sharply. "No.I." I tried but failed to explain in little more than a couple of stammered syllables. "Or were you just entertaining my lover for me until my return?" she said softening her tone to indicate which I ought to admit. I nodded leaving my head facing the ground.


"Come over here and give me the best blowjob you've ever given me, you little oral slut you!" she said throwing the sheets to one side.


 As I climbed between her thighs she turn us both over so I was on my back and she was astride my face pushing down hard against my mouth and nose.


"Go on take it, its all your's." she said watching me squirm beneath her soaking pussy. "See if you can tell the difference between Tony and Mark, as they are both guilty of filling my pussy today." I sucked and sucked on her pussy. It was true I had never felt it to be this wet before.


After a couple of other occasions where I had assisted her in maintaining her ?secret affair' with Tony she decided to give me one of her special treats. I had not had a hand job in three weeks, I had not touched my own erection in nearly two months. And I had not had intercourse with her for an age. As the night approached I was incredibly anxious that she might offer me intercourse, and that after all my time forbidden from entering her, I would just embarrass myself by cumming within an instant.


She took me out for a meal to celebrate our six-month anniversary since beginning our new relationship. Afterwards we drove to an area of town I was not familiar with at all. She kept repeating that she had something extra special in store for me. We pulled up outside a nightclub I had never even heard of. As we got out she told me to park the car in the next backstreet and hurry up back. I did as I was told, as usual.


On my return we entered the venue together. Inside it was a huge labyrinth of a place with people dancing and ?getting off' with each other everywhere. It was dark and hence it took me a little time to realise all the couples were of the same sex. She had taken me to a gay nightclub.


She was, as usual, dressed to kill. I had a simple combination of a pair of black jeans and a white shirt. She lead me to the toilets. I could tell she had been here many times previous. Dragging me into one of the cubicles she undid my jeans and pushed them down to my ankles. Taking her key she unlocked my device. As if without any awareness of my current location, my penis automatically sprang into life. It was all I could do to push it back down again.


"Now look, I'm here to meet this girl I got to know down the gym. She's expecting me here on my own. So I need to loose you. You're welcome to wonder round the place and get off with whom ever takes a liking to you. But you must not leave this building.

Understand?" she ended squeezing my balls in order to amplify my confirmation. She rapidly put my device into her handbag and left me there in the cubicle.


I pulled up my jeans and made my way out into the melee. My eyes traced the crowd to try to pick her out. Eventually I caught her dancing with some young girl on the dance floor. They were dancing very close. I found myself a convenient place to stand and watch as she gyrated and smooched with this attractive female. I had not realised it had been so long since I felt my penis loose in my trousers and it was becoming very difficult to ignore the urges growing were once my device contained.


I found I had to return to the cubicles to play with myself for a while. There were so many people in the toilets when I returned there I could not find a spare hiding place. So I made my way back to my darkened corner and watched my wife getting off with this horny looking lesbian on the dance floor. When I got back I noticed she had found a spare sofa to share with her new friend. The two were kissing and touching each other's legs. They both had fantastic legs. I was by now fully erect. But there were so many people between me and the object of my attention that I kept having to strain my neck to see over the heads. As I did so I did not notice this young guy standing right next to me. Though I had not noticed him, he on the other hand had very much noticed me and my current predicament.


"What a quick blow-job out the back mate?" he half shouted in my ear over the bass of the sound system. But knowing my limit on leaving the building I had to say no. "Look's like you could do with a bit of relief there!" he responded grabbing my hard on. His contact on my solid flesh made my spine shiver. I found myself remaining perfectly still and not pulling his hand away. His other hand was placed on my ass as he closed up alongside of me.


He began to massage me slowly whilst rubbing the centre of my ass. Meanwhile I could not keep my eyes off my wife's progress with her latest lover.


The combination of the two forced my sense to explode and I found it increasingly difficult to keep standing up right. Eventually this complete stranger was unfastening my jeans, whilst standing almost in front of me to cover us from public view. His hand expertly guided its way straight to my raging cock.


With a few fluid jerks he was bringing me to an orgasm I could not believe I was about to have. Here in this place. I had never been here before. Never met him before. My wife was almost having full lesbian sex in front of a whole nightclub and I was walking around free from my cage. My mind was in such a spin I could not hear the music or see the passers by.


With a change in tempo he brought is mouth up to my ear and covered the two with his hand which had been rubbing my anus. He first asked my if it felt good. I could not deny it so I just nodded a nervous response. He continued for a little while changing tempo occasionally. Bringing me closer to orgasm he again reached over to my awaiting ear. "Why don't you cum if you want me to take you back to my place and fuck you, whilst your wife fucks my girlfriend over there?" with this he suddenly jerked me off with deep rapid movements and in no time I shot my load, smothering the insides of my jeans with cum.


I could not believe it.  She had engineered the whole scenario. With a masterful display of control by proxy she had managed to not only make me accomplice to her latest love interest, but she had also ensured I was further humiliated by this complete stranger. It was not until we all in the car that she informed me that this stranger was in fact Tony and his girlfriend had enjoyed numerous threesomes with my wife.


On arrival at Tony's I was made to watch as Tony fuck both these gorgeous women and they in turn spent hours together. She had ensured I was re-chastised, by constant erection controlled by Sarah, Tony's girlfriend by using two ice cubes placed on my balls. They all found it most amusing to watch my suffering as my penis shrank from its previous solid form to the size of a small cocktail sausage. My wife would take great please in lining me up alongside Tony and comparing length, girth and ball circumference. It was clear I was there to provide my usual cleaning duties and an object of group humiliation.


The next day, back at home my wife asked me how I enjoyed her special treat. "Very much." Was my reply. "Were you disappointed not to have Tony's cock up your own little pussy?" she inquired. I just swallowed hard in response, not knowing the right move to make. "Well you know what you should do to show me you want it, don't you?" she laughted.

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