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My wife is the most attractive, sexual, exciting woman I have ever met. She takes me to places I never thought possible. I love her with all my heart and truly believe she loves me just the same in return.


However, Forming my own vivid images of her, as she spends another night with her lover, I spend my own night alone and chastised.


My feelings are all consuming. One moment I have a deep stomach churning feeling of jealousy, humiliation, degrading; the next intense arousal and excitement. These emotions seem to burn my insides, as my pulse rate quickens with every imaginary glimpse I conceive of her.


How did she get me to this place? This position of heightened, non-contact, non-physical, non-involvement arousal; A level of stimulation one could not even imagine unless endured. It did not just come about over a coffee. This moment was planed and executed like a clinical strategic manoeuvre. I was to be modified, trained and emotionally altered to fit her new function for me; The role of an obedient cuckold husband, destined not to be allowed to have sex with his wife as an equal again. Being forbidden from entering her perfectly tight, luscious pussy, completely in the knowledge that she would be enjoying an active and fulfilling sex life outside the marriage I accepted my fate.


The first stage of my journey to being what she called a four C's husband (Completely Chastised Cuckold and Cleaner) was an extension to our extremely stimulating and entertaining ?kinky' sex life. I would enjoy her playing the role of a dominant mistress, wearing all the gear and giving me a ?hard' time with her riding crop. We would always make love like crazy after one of our sessions. But it soon developed into a more defined game of role-play. She soon became the one who should be sexually gratified and me the one disallowed. Therefore, after our marathon role-play sessions only she was allowed to orgasm. I on the other hand would have to abstain. In reality I would wait until she had fallen asleep then quickly, and it would never take too long, play with my aching cock alone.



But once she had caught me doing just that she made a major rule change.




I was to be chastised whenever we played our games. For this she purchased a small plastic chastity device, which locked away my cock, and made it impossible to form an erection or stimulate one's self. Before each session I would have to place my cock inside it whilst she locked it up.


She would then remove it the following morning. This continued until she then caught me playing with myself a few days later. We talked about how we enjoyed our role-play games and that the more we put into them the better and more stimulating they would be. I agreed. I had always preferred our ?special' evenings together more than our ?vanilla' nights of passion. She said to make it more believable I should wear the chastity device for longer periods. Days at a time until release. And when I was released I would enjoy sex even more. She promised to give me the best sex I had ever had if I wore the device for one week solid. I agreed.


The week was long. I had many moments of utter despair as I craved to play with my caged up cock.


She was making the most of my position. She would tease me each night with a sexy show of lingerie and ?dirty' pillow talk. Each evening she would make me play with her pussy and breasts. I would have to lick her and stimulate her until she came.


She warned me that if I did not manage to make her orgasm each night I would have to wear the device one day longer. I had never spent so much attention on my wife's needs. And when she finally would orgasm as I licked and sucked her pussy, the relief was not hers and hers alone. For I knew with every successful orgasm it was one less day in chastity for me.


On the last night of my chastity trial she suggested we change the arrangement. She made me promise that I would wear my device for another week in return for a satisfying blowjob on my release day. I nearly exploded at the thought of my crunched up penis being stimulated inside her soft warm mouth. So naturally I agreed.


The next night came and I was trembling like a leaf. My heart was racing, my stomach turning over and over. Eventually it was time and the show began. She entered the bedroom fresh from the bath. She was dress in really sexy lingerie and wearing her black high-heeled sandals. She looked magnificent. She teasingly asked if I was ready. I nodded nervously. She licked her lips in an exaggerated manner and took out the key to my device, which she had attached to her necklace.


As soon as my cock was free it shot up to attention as I lay on my back on the bed. She climbed on top of me resting on my thighs. With my erection in front of her she wrapped her warm hands around its shaft. Slowly she massaged it up and down. She asked me to describe how good it felt. I was lost for words. And when I could find some to equal my electrified senses I could not find the breath to speak. I was by now practically in complete involuntary spasm due to my wife's seductive powers.



She whispered that I had been very good in wearing her present to me for such a long time. And she could feel how aroused I was at being let loose from one week of chastity. She thanked me for my oral service during the week and that I'd got better each time I did it. And it was only right, therefore, that I should enjoy even further satisfaction on my release the following week. Slowly moving down to my penis she kissed my balls and licked my solid, aching cock. I nearly came in an instant. With my arousal at full strength she gave my cock a long slow suck. I felt my orgasm build up instantly. She lifted her head and massaged my penis with her hand once more.


Then without warning she climbed off me and told me to cum if I wanted her to keep me locked up for an extra two weeks. Before I could object she quickened up her tempo. I struggled to utter a word before my hot sperm shot out of my penis and into her waiting hand.


My penis completely ignoring my wishes and only following hers. "Good boy" she whispered as she smeared her sticky hands over my lips. "Open your mouth" she hushed and without hesitation I could feel my lips parting and my tongue extending to greet her opened palm.


She took immense pleasure from slowly inserting her finger inside my waiting mouth and pretended to fuck me. She finished up by smothering my mouth and chin and joked that it was not she that was swallowing but I. Going on to explain that she had read that women have been expected to swallow men's sperm for years, but in our relationship it was going to be the other way around. I was to swallow every drop in our relationship in order to readdress the balance.


This arrangement continued for next week. She systematically would tease me night after night with seductive stripteases, caressing encaged cock and swollen balls. On one evening she suggested she should release me because she needed to have real sex. As she got herself undressed I sat on the bed naked except for my cage. She perched herself on my lap and kissed me full on the lips.


"I feel so horny" she proclaimed in my ear. I suggested she unlocked me without waiting a second longer. My cock was raging with anger at not being able to show it was craving to be insider her beautifully trimmed pussy.


"We mustn't be weak" she responded pulling herself up to stand in front of me. I pleaded and pleaded without success. "No" she decided. We must keep to the arrangement otherwise all the good work will be undone she explained. Instead I must use her dildo as a replacement for my penis. But I explained it would not be as good as my arms cannot performed the job as well as my hips. From this she decided she would purchase a strap-on for me to wear.


And so we continued for month after month. I was released every two weeks, when she would massage me until orgasm and make me swallow all my own ?mess' as she called it.


In between my release days I was to serve her whenever she requested it, either orally or wearing my new strap-on, which she had purchased. It was larger than my own penis by two or three inches. On my release day she would compare how much smaller I was compared to my strap-on.


She decided it was better for us to keep our sex life this way as I satisfied her more with my false cock than I did with my real one. In return she would offer me two weeks of the most sexually charged, seductive experiences of my life. Her ability to dress and perform to thrill was incredible. We spent a small fortune on new outfits and lingerie for her to wear. She had never felt so beautiful and sexy. Meanwhile I had never felt such a strong desire to please her and keep her fully satisfied.


After some number of months I had acquired great skill in pleasing my wife's beautifully tight pussy.


But I had not noticed she was growing ever hungrier for real sex. We increased the amount of time I spent using my strap-on, but as we fucked she would whisper how much she wanted to have sex with a real man. These occasional sexy whispers became more common. After a week or two she began to proclaim her desire every time I prepared my strap-on ready to please her. Eventually, she began to mention a guy she had met at her gym club. As I frantically attempted to pleasure her hungry pussy with my latex cock she would describe how fantastically fit looking this guy was and how his tight swimming trunks showed off his ?real one', which she had figured out must have been much bigger than my own. After all his did not look like it could fit into a small cage like mine could.


My thoughts were mixed. I was jealous of this guy who my wife wanted so much. Why should she be so eager and craving his cock instead of unleashing mine? How was this guy making her so horny all the time? And wasn't she so gorgeous when she was aroused like this? I wanted to rip my cage off there and then.


The next few days after her declaration she began to attended her gym more often and for longer periods. She would return of with ever more descriptive tales of how her mystery guy was the best there and that he would work out for hours. Once she returned all excited as she had discovered his name and where he lives from one of the attendants at the Club. A few days later she was just as thrilled to have spoken to him for the first time. She described his voice, his clothes, his hands, his broad shoulders, everything.


During strap-on sex she would talk about the size of his hands and the firmness of his chest. She would look at the strap-on and say that its probably more like his than mine. It was certainly as big as his must be she had decided. I felt humiliated and literally belittled, but the sight and sound of my wife being so horny never failed to send a signal to my crunched up penis stuck inside its relentless cage.


On my next release day came and she was busy preparing herself in the bathroom. She had been to the gym that afternoon and was feeling particularly turned on, because of this new focus of her sexual desires. She entered the bedroom where I was lying on the bed naked except for my cage as requested.


She as usual looked and smelt like a dream. Climbing on top of my thighs she reached for her key, which she had attached to a thin silver necklace, which lay delicately over her heaving breasts.


She proceeded to unlock me and predictably my cock sprang to attention. Leaning forward she reached down and grabbed my solid member and stroked it up and down. She pushed it slowly towards her pussy. For the first time in four months my penis pressed against her hot, shaven lips. I gasped for breath.


"Do you want to?" she asked. God did I want to! I was in panic at this surprising development. Her black lacy knickers were still separating the head of my cock from her pussy, but I could feel its heat and its almost magical attraction. It seemed to be beckoning my obedient cock ever closer to entering into its forbidden flower. 


She pushed my shoulders back and laid me down flat. Pulling to one side her lacy knickers she slowly and gently slide my cock inside her.



I took in as much air as possible to stop my self from passing out. I hadn't taken a breath for what seemed eternity. She carefully lifted herself up and then down on my rock hard penis. It was as big as it had ever been in my life. My whole body's senses were focused on that single point.


"Feel good?" she asked. I almost choked in reply. I uttered words to express my heightened sense of excitement, but all I managed was short gasps of high-pitched whimpers. I knew this break in the arrangement must be because she had got really turned on by this Mark guy. And I had him to thank for this magical moment of freedom.


I could feel my orgasm fast approaching, even at this slow temp she was maintaining. As I forcefully closed my eyes and begged my cock not to explode just yet she stopped and leaned right forward to whisper in my ear.


Her timing was impeccable. I was on the brink of cumming. And as I hung there, balancing over the edge of this almighty escape from months of pent-up frustration, she told me of her deep desire to sleep with Mark.


I swallowed hard to help take in the news. As she described how much she fancied him and how much he turned her on she slowly inched her pussy up and down my shaft. The whirlwind of emotion reeked havoc within my poor defenceless senses. "You want me to be happy don't you?" she asked, knowing I was about to shoot my biggest orgasm ever. "You want me to start dating him don't you?" I could not muster up the mental control to answer her. I was confused beyond my wildest imagination. I was on fire with the need to cum. I was stunned at her desire to sleep with this guy. And without my understanding I was deeply and undeniably excited as images of her with another guy flashed through my head. "Cum inside me if you want me to fuck him" she said whilst quickening her motion. With an electrifying buzz I had never felt before I shot my load deep inside her.


"Good boy" she exclaimed as she buried her head into my shoulders. "You truly want to satisfy me don't you, darling?" I could not respond. I was in shock at my elaborate defeat on this major issue. I knew I had now opened a floodgate. I knew also that much more would come from this moment of weakness. I was trembling with both fear and excitement. But my ordeal was not finished. She reminded me bluntly that I was not to leave my ?mess' where it is.









With this she lifted herself up onto my face and gripped my hair tight as she grinded her moist pussy against my mouth and nose.


As I swallowed the mix of her and my own juices I just managed to glance up at her sitting majestically above my smothered face. She was a picture of dominant female sexuality. I felt truly ?owned' by her and her desires. I realised I had arrived at a place I was unsure about, but for the time being I was surprisingly happy and excited to be there.


I continued to try to please her in the usual ways, orally and strap-on for the next week. Each time she would openly tell me how she wished it was Mark's cock working away at her pussy. It was a shame her pussy, being so tight and sweet, was not getting the sex it really deserved she told me. With mine being so shrivelled up in its cage and his being so big and manly it made her want to laugh at my cock not put it inside her.


Eventually one evening she came home from the gym with her eyes wide open with excitement. "I've got a dinner date with Mark" she enthused as I stood in the kitchen taking her coat. "Can you believe it?" she asked. Though she was slightly disappointed it was not a date with Mark alone. Instead he had invited her to accompany him to a dinner party at some friend's house. She still felt it was a wonderful moment for us. As she explained, by letting her go on this date with Mark I was showing myself to be a truly submissive and loving husband and proving my desire to please her, via Mark. It was a sign of the strength of our marriage and the honesty of my emotions towards her. In return for this freedom and show of loyalty she solemnly declared she would never leave me. "What other man could offer her so much fun and excitement?" she asked. With this vision of our relationship I felt surprisingly calm about the forthcoming event.


Her date was for the Saturday night, on the Thursday, my release day she dressed in her latest lingerie finished of with her favourite perfume. "This is what I'm going to wear on Saturday, what do you think?" I struggled to utter the words I wanted to say. Instead I just whispered "stunning". She went on to unlock my cock. It, as usual sprang upright without delay. "See, you really must want me to go with Mark" She commented looking down at my hard-on. As she worked away at my buzzing member she asked me over and over what I thought Mark would think of her underwear if he was to see it. My voice failed me time and time again as I fought to keeping breathing normally. As I approached the point of climax she slowed to a complete stop. "Go on then, why don't you cum if you want me to go back with him to his place" she said before rapidly bringing me to an uncontrollable orgasm. I had no chance of stopping!



When the night in question arrived and she had me help her to get ready. I painted her toenails, I fetched and arranged her underwear and perfume ready for her, I even polished her high heeled boots. All the time my stomach was turning over and over with emotions. I really was not sure how to feel. One moment I was scared, the next aroused. I knew what was happening was wrong, not acceptable, and I should say no. But I could not. If I was honest with myself I found the whole idea such a turn-on. I felt that by letting Mark make love to my wife, I was proving my love for her, my desire to serve her pleasure, to keep her a happy and fulfilled wife.


As I pondered the rights and wrongs of the night ahead she was busy trying on her dress for the evening. I could only watch with jealous, trembling with anticipation. "Which one should I wear the cream or the black?" she asked holding up two of the most sexiest dresses she had ever purchased. "Th.the c.c.cream one" I croaked. With a satisfactory smile she took it from its hanger and proceeded to step into it. Looking straight at me she said "See you must be really aching for Mark to see me tonight you're even choosing sexy outfits for me to wear for him. You naughty boy" she confirmed. "If it wasn't locked up you'd be playing with it all night wouldn't you, Darling?" she said half sarcastically. "Well don't worry, if you're good I'll relieve you a week on Thursday as usual, okay Honey?" She finished. I only nodded in response.


To make the night special she ordered a taxi to pick her up from the house. When it arrived she kissed me on the forehead and told me not to wait up for her, as she would be unlikely to return before midnight. I watched as the taxi pulled away, closed the door, looked down at my chastity device and took a deep breath.


I could not help watching the clock edge its way to midnight. I could only imaging where or what they were up to. At eleven she called on her mobile to say she was having a great time out with Mark and another couple and Mark had whispered in her ear that she's welcome to go round his flat for a coffee after the meal. Again she told me I should go to bed and be good.


When she returned it was late morning the next day. She climbed out of her taxi and confidently marched into the house and collapsed on the sofa. She looked flushed. Her cheeks were rosy and her eyes wide with joy. "I am completely exhausted!" she proclaimed. "What happened then?" I was itching to say but dare not. "Go and fix me a bath and I'll tell you all about it" she said echoing my secret desire. I did as she said.


Noticing I had done all the washing and ironing during her absence she turn to me and announced "Because you've been such a good boy I'll release you early, if you like? Go to the bedroom and strip off and wait for me." I rushed up the stairs and got ready as she had requested. Eventually she came into the room and slipped out of the cream dress she had worn the evening before. She revealed her tantalisingly sexy black thong, bra and stockings. Sitting on my thighs she took her key from its chain. Unlocking me sent a rush of blood to my penis shooting it upright in seconds. Even she was taken aback by my speedy erection. I lay back awaiting my reward.


"Looks like you've been pretty excited lately? Is it because I've been a naughty girl with Mark?" she asked teasingly. Her hand reached down and slowly rubbed my throbbing penis.


Keeping hold of my erection she slid off me and took a good look at my exposed erection. With a knowing confidence she proudly pronounced that Mark was at least three inches bigger than me and much thicker. Even his balls were bigger than mine. At this news my own cock twitched either in protest or excitement I am not sure. But she took it as a sign that I was truly turned on by hearing about Mark's magnificent manhood. "He made me cum so hard with his gorgous dick, I had to have it again and again. I couldn't get enough of it. Its been so long since I enjoyed having a cock inside me that much. You really don't stand a chance of getting your little thing anywhere near my pussy whilst Mark is around." With this sudden out burst of honesty my heart sunk to the pit of my stomach. I looked at her straight in the eyes and saw her determination. Seeing my fear she softened her tone and said "And I love you very much for giving me such pleasure. I bet you're the only husband in this neighbourhood who satisfies his wife this much. You should be very proud. Anyway don't the marriage vows say we should stay together for better or worse? And let me tell you Mark's is definitely better than yours" she giggled.


With her comments still echoing in my mind she slipped off the bed and gently took down her thong and rolled down her stockings. My erection stood proud still waiting her returned attention. Once naked she climbed back on the bed only this time she sat herself on by chest, her pussy just a coupled of inches from my chin. I could smell her scent, her warm, sweet scent. She looked down at me and explained once again how historically men had expected their wife's to be loyal and obedient and that it was men that had mistresses and concubines. But in our relationship it was different. My acceptance of her relationship with Mark was a sign of my unquestionable love and obedience to her, she explained. And for that she loved me.


She lifted herself up slightly and lowered her warm moist pussy lips on my slowly opening, accepting, willing mouth. As she slowly, ever so slowly rubbed her self over my mouth and nose she explained in a slow and memorised delivery that "women have been expected to swallow men's sperm for years, but in our relationship it was going to be the other way around."


Now I was totally subjective to her female power. My consumption of the result of another man's pleasure from her pussy symbolised better than anything our new relationship. Her sexual freedom and satisfaction was paramount, my sexual submissiveness was vital.


I closed my eyes and gently sucked her pussy, licking her clit every now and then. My mouth, tongue and throat seemed to be coated in the soft warm mix of his and her numerous orgasms.


 I attempted to completely clean her pussy from the evidence of the night before.


When she had had enough she slide off my face and lay along side me. Her hand wandered down to my patiently awaiting ?little dick' as she was now to call it. She wrapped her hands around it and began to massage it to the point of climax. As she saw I was reaching my point of no return she stopped. Looking me straight in the eyes she smiled a wry, mischievous smile and said " I told Mark all about you." I shuddered with shock.


"You did what?" I exclaimed. "You told him about me?" I asked in almost complete terror. "Yes I did. I explained that you don't mind and that we have an open relationship due to your ?little problem'." She explained looking down at my cock as she did so. "Little problem?"

I responded. "Yes the ?little problem' with your dick" she said laughing out loud. "I explained to him that you can't get it up. Which is true.sort of. I mean you certainly can't get it up me can you?" she stopped talking through giggling. "Anyway he just wanted to say thank you to you for being so ?cool' about it" she concluded. "Well." I began, about to say exactly what I thought about that and what I'd like to say to Mark. "Well what?" she interjected. As she did so she began to rub my cock with great vigour. It stopped me from being able to utter a single word of my planned response.


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