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Hubby Becomes Her Cum Slut




This handle "cumslut44" I made for my husband without his knowledge

or permission. This is his story, I will tell it for him.


My husband is sitting in a chair beside me as I type this. He is

wearing a waist belt that has his wrists cuffed to the belt. Kind

of makes it hard for him to type. Not that he would. He just spent

the last four hours being video taped beoming my submissive cum slut

and sex toy for a gang bang that I hosted.


For years I have had to listen to him tell me his fantasies about

sharing me with other men, laying under me licking my pussy as

others would fuck me and then he would lick my pussy clean for the



I hated listening to these stories all these years and

lately he has become obsessed with the idea. I tried to appease him

by offering his seed back to him after he cums, but he always loses

interest. But yet the same old bullshit fantisies I have to listen

to each time but he won't eat me afterwards. I told him to put up

or shut up. Still, no decision. So I made a decision for him.


First, I did not give him any pussy for ten days and to ensure he

was not jacking off. I never left him alone. Then I told him to

take the last day of Decmeber off and we would get wild. I started

today at 10am with him getting naked and putting on this waist belt

with cuffs for the wrists. What a sucker. He had no idea what was

about to happen. I got out two video cameras and lit the candles

and slowly stripped. As I was teasing him on the bed by sucking and

kissing him, the door bell rang. He said leave it, they will go


I told him I had a surprise. He was so excited, thinking I

had another woman coming over.


I heard him cussing and bitching as soon as I let the guys in.

Eleven, young horny guys who answered my web search for teaching

hubby a lesson. I swear he looked terrified when we entered the

bedroom. The guys teased him and then stripped off their clothes

and began giving me a royal slut treatment.


You see, what is so

troubling for him is that in all these years, I have never been with

another man. Just his same ole talk talk talk.


I told him "babe, I am going to give you what you have been

fantasizing about for years" He started trying to

talk his way out of it and I grabbed his nuts and he shut up.


 "I am

going to say this once. Everything you have ever said is going to

happen. If you do it willfully, showing great enthusisam, totally

giving of yourself....I will stop after the first one. If you show

the slightest hesitation or repulsion about becoming my cum slut,

I will let you experince all eleven men". I then turned on the

cameras and asked him to pick the man for me.


He picked the one who most closely resembeled his own cock. I told

him to lay back and enjoy the ride. I straddled his face and began

to wiggle my ass around.


Tom "hubby's choice" got right up there

and tried to enter me. I backed off becasue I was dry. I told Tom

to wet that cock with hubby's mouth. Tom pushed on his forehead,

and told him to be carefull, no teeth. I watched and got so horny

seeing his mouth full of cock.



After a minute, I told Tom to try

again. AAAHHHH, it felt so good to have a strange piece of cock in



I told the guys to get the cameras in hand and get good

coverage. I told hubby to let that tongue work majic on my pussy as

Tom fucked me good.


After a few minutes, I could feel Tom getting

ready to explode. I told Tom to cum hard and stay inside until I

told him otherwise. Tom, pushed deep as he came, squirt after



Much more than my man has ever done. After a moment of

total mmmmmmmm, I told hubby that when that cock slips out to open

wide and not swallow, but just hold it there. I'll be dammed. He

did just that. I could hear him struggle trying to hold that cum in

his mouth. It was just too much for him. It started to leak out

around the corner of his lips.


When I was empty, I turned around and told him to open and show me.

It was such a sight.


I kissed him lightly and told him good, now

swallow. You should have seen his eye's. Trying so hard to comply

so as not to re-live the experience ten more times. I told him how

proud I was of him and then I pushed him toward the edge of the bed

till his head tilted back. "Tom, let him clean your cock for you.

Afterall, its the least he can do" We all laughed. Tom got a royal

cock cleaning.



I told the boys to stop the cameras and let's watch our cum slut on

video. We all thought it was great. The plan worked. I told one

of the guys to take the two tapes and leave as planned. After he

was gone, I told hubby that relationships are based on trust, and

does he trust me. He said yes dear, I trust you. "Good, then

understand this. I am going to have duplicates made and will mail

to your friends and co-workers if you don't do as I tell you.

Remember the arrangement, you were suppose to pretend that you were

a willing participant and wanted to suck cum, cock and wet pussy.

You did that perfectly and now, anyone who watches these videos will

believe your a bi-sexual husband who can't get enough cock and cum.


Were going to repeat this great performance of yours for every guy

here. I want you to be so full of cum that you become addicted.

Now, I am going to have this recorded for memories of how you

finally got your wish.


We spent the next 3 1/2 hours letting him choke and gag on cock, cum

and big hairy balls.


Hubby was an absolute mess. I was so turned

on by having eleven strangers fuck me and hubbys mouth. To see

thick white wads of cum and slimmy yellow cumshots all over and in

his mouth was heaven. Watching him lay back on the bed, head

dangling over the edge and seeing the guy's use his mouth like a

pussy was the best. Especially when two of the men busted a nut in

his mouth. Yeah, I got short changed two male orgasims in my

swollen cunt, but it was worth it.




Round Two for Hubby




Cuckolding my hubby has become addicting behavior. I could not stop

with just the one experience. I had to go ahead and push it

further. I received a copy of the video tapes we made of Cumslut44

(name that I picked for my husband) today and we watched them all

for hours. He was embarrassed at first but I made him feel good

about it. You know, secure. I want this to continue now that I

have had the pleasure of other men.


I told him that as long as he acts like the whore he has always

wanted me to be, that I would stay with him and treat him good. He

told me that he hates sucking cock though and if I would compromise

on this one issue he would be the best cum whore on the planet. I

agreed and called a couple of the guys from round one over for more



Hubby told me that he would love to lay back and have me fuck him

from the dominate position while watching me suck off the other guys

and when they would squirt their cum in my mouth to lean forward and

share it (snowball). I liked this idea a lot and that is just what

we did.


Tom, Kevin, Bob and Eric came over around 6pm tonight and oh what a

thrill it was. I told Hubby that once he came inside my pussy I was

going to tell the guys to go ahead and face fuck him for me. Of

course, I waited until I had mounted his stiff cock to tell him the

conditions had just changed.


He was so pissed off at me and I never

worked so hard to make him cum in my life. I wanted to see his

mouth used like a pussy for the boys. I get so wet thinking about

him doing something so repulsive and feminine.


I gave Hubby the fuck of a life time, squeezing my pussy so tight

around his cock and blowing Eric like there was no tomorrow.


about three minutes I could feel Eric getting ready to cum. I guess

when Hubby became aware that Eric was about to blow it was more than

he could handle and ole Hubby busted a huge orgasm deep inside me.


Moments later Eric was stroking his cock into my mouth. His cum was

so hot and rather bitter; but hey, what did I care? I was feeding

it to my cum slut husband.


I put my hands on Hubby's face to steady him and he opened up and

wow! What a load, I kept my tongue in his mouth as he fought the

gag reflex and choking from the heavy bitter load of man juice.




I sat back up right and laughed as I told him that he failed by

cumming before all the boys had their nuts emptied and for this he

would pay dearly. I straddled his face and made him lick out that

pussy he just filled. I was rather rough with my pelvic grinding

action but what the hell, he is my cumslut right?


I rolled over and told Hubby to get up and look under the bed for a

present wrapped in a box. He reached under and pulled out the box I

had waiting for him. He looked bewildered when he opened it. I had

put in it, a white long sleeve shirt (girl type) and a plaid skirt.

A shaving kit and a strap on dildo. I told him he had seven minutes

to get in the bathroom and shave his legs, put on the clothes and

return with the strap on in hand so that he could put in on his

pissed off wife. I could see his eyes and heart just drop. He

reluctantly did as told after I reminded him about sending video

tapes to his coworkers and friends from his initiation yesterday.


While he was in the bathroom I let the boys work me over real good.


You should have seen my little slut when he returned from the

bathroom. He looked stupid but oh so inviting to sodomize. I

reached into the night stand and threw him a blond wig to wear. He

put it on and I had him look in the mirror. The boys were rolling

with laughter. I told Hubby to get over here with the strapon and

hook me up. After it was on good and tight, I had him drop to his

knees and suck it for me. I reminded him on how I kept my word not

to have him suck cock. After a few moments sucking on it, I ordered

him to the bed and told him to bend over the foot board. I greased

up his ass and dildo and tried to be gentle (ha ha ha) and began to

take his virginity.


I was so turned on by the sound of him

breathing hard and panting that I exploded with a gushing orgasm in

less than a minute. I dismounted to lay back and catch my breath.

As I pulled out, Tom stepped up and pushed his cock in and oh you

should have seen the action. Hubby tried to buck like a bronco but

Tom was too strong and the rest of the guys reminded Hubby that it

would be stupid to resist.


Hubby tried to go with it, but I could tell it was hard for him. I

loved the look of him with a wig, white blouse and plaid skirt

getting his ass pounded. I slid over to let him take his mind off

it by licking my wet pussy. Only two of the guys wanted to fuck him

in the ass, but I did not care. Seeing him become a bitch was

heaven. I can't wait to try something else. These two days have

been the best.



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