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Amandas Ex-Boyfriend


By WimpHub


Chapter 1


Amanda and I had been married for 18 months. At 5' 10", she is three

inches taller than me, has long, jet black hair, a 36" bust and long

sexy legs. Her skin is unusually white, which is what first

attracted me to her. Our marriage seemed good, we got on really

well, but this was suddenly all to change.


Out of the blue, Amanda told me that she had received a call from

her ex-boyfriend Ray. She and he had split up about two years

before, and he had moved away. Apparently, he had now moved back to

our town, and wanted Amanda to have a drink with him for old time's

sake. Their parting had not been satisfactory for either of them,

and he felt they needed to tie up loose ends before he moved on with

his life.


Amanda had told me very little about Ray, except that he was a tall,

muscular man. Their relationship had been very intense, and

the unhappy break-up was caused by his insistence on moving away to

further his career. Amanda had not felt able to go with him because

of her strong ties at home. I met her a couple of months after the

split, and we married six months later.


I had agreed to her going out with Ray reluctantly, because I am

naturally a jealous and possessive person, but she was determined to

go. On the night of the meeting, I watched her come downstairs after

getting ready. I was rather shocked that she was wearing a thin

blouse with no bra, and a very short black skirt. Her nipples were

clearly visible under the fabric of the shirt, and her long, white

legs were almost totally exposed.



I questioned her choice of

clothing, but she explained that this was the way she had always

dressed for him, and she wanted to show him that there were no hard



After kissing me goodbye, Amanda advised me not to wait up, as they

had a lot of catching up to do, and she may be late. I was on

tenterhooks all evening, knowing that she was out with a man she had

been extremely close to, and I was still unhappy about the amount of

flesh she was showing. Finally, I went to bed at about eleven, but

was unable to sleep.


At about 12.30, I heard the front door open, then close. I thought

Amanda was on her own, but then heard two voices in the hall.

Quietly, I crept out to the top of the stairs. I could not see

anything, but could hear their conversation clearly.


"Pull your skirt up Mandy you little slut, and spread your legs."


"Surely you are not going to fuck me in my own home, with my husband



"If you like, I will just leave and get out of your life again."


"No, no don't do that. All right, if you think three times in an

evening is not enough, fuck me again, you big cocked horny

fucker! Shove that huge cock into my wet pussy, and cuckold my poor

husband again in his own hallway. Oh Ray, I had forgotten how good

that feels when you slide into me up to your big manly balls. Nobody

has ever been able to make me feel the way you do!"


"How does your husband compare?"


"There is no comparison."


"Tell me, exactly."


"OK, he has a tiny dick, which never gets fully hard, and he has not

been able to satisfy me since we got married. Is that what you

wanted to hear?"


"Yes it is, because that means you are going to keep coming back to

me now that I have returned, aren't you? Now you have tasted my

cock again, you won't be able to do without it."


"You are right, I will keep coming back for more, on my knees if

necessary. I will do all it takes to keep you giving me the sort of

fucking I really need."


"My two flat mates you met briefly tonight. Suppose I want to have

them fuck you?"


"Yes, they can fuck me if you want, I will suck their cocks, and

take them in my pussy and my arse, as long as you keep fucking me



"What about your husband?"


"Forget about my wimp husband, all I want to think about right now

is your cock inside me making me cum for the umpteenth time



My head was spinning at hearing all this. I had a sick feeling of

jealousy in my stomach, hearing my dear wife being fucked not for

the first time that night, but at the same time, my cock betrayed

the excitement I was feeling. I moved forward, to try to get a

glimpse of the pair, but lost my footing and fell. They both turned

round at the noise, and saw me at the top of the stairs. Amanda had

a horrified look on her face, but Ray was cool.


"Get down her boy!" he yelled. I hesitated.


"Don't make me tell you twice!" he bellowed. I walked down the

stairs quickly, my erection still very evident.


"Look at this", he said to Amanda. "The freak has been getting off

listening to us fuck!" Amada's attitude changed immediately.

"You fucking little pervert!" she screamed. "Well if that's what it

takes to get you hard, stand there and watch me get fucked. Ray,

really give it to me hard honey, show him how his wife needs to be



Ray began to pump Amanda really hard, forcing her back against the

wall as he rammed the full length of his magnificent cock into her

sweet, willing pussy.


Seeing a mixture of concern and jealousy on my

face, she spoke:


"What's the matter Michael? Have you never seen a woman being fucked

properly before, by a real man with a real man sized cock? Keep

poking me Ray, and show him what you did to my tits."


Ray ripped my wife's blouse open, revealing her large breasts,

covered in his love bites.


"That's what a virile, passionate man does to a woman's tits

Michael, I have love bites all over the insides of my thighs as

well! Grab my tits Ray, squeeze them, and hurt me. You know how

rough I like you to treat me."


Ray obliged, squeezing her large mammaries and pinching her nipples

hard. She squealed with delight, begging for more and encouraging

him to fuck her even harder.


"Tell the wimp I am your slut again Ray", she gasped. "Tell him that

you have retaken possession of his wife's cunt!"


"That's right, boy" Ray confirmed. "You just lost all rights to your

wife's body, she is mine now, and if you try and touch her I will

make you sorry."


"Don't worry Ray", Amanda gasped. "I will never let him have me

again. I am yours now, and I will only be fucked by you, or anyone

else you decide. Now finish me off darling, make me cry with the

pleasure you give me, just like you did earlier tonight."


Ray began to pump Amanda faster, causing her to sob with joy.

Shortly after, he tensed and announced he was coming.


"Oh yes!" cried my wife. "Empty those big balls deep into your

loving slut's belly, I LOVE YOU!!!!!"


I hung my head in shame and misery as they reached their climaxes



My eyes were filled with tears at the knowledge that Ray

had taken Amanda from me, sexually at least. When they calmed down,

Amanda told me to fuck off upstairs and wait for her, as she wanted

to say goodnight to her boyfriend in private.


She came up to the bedroom a few minutes later. I was sat on the

bed, my head in my hands feeling wretched. Amanda sat next to me.


" I meant every word I said", she began. "I will remain your wife if

you wish, but Ray is my man, and I will be his woman. You and I will

be a normal couple, except there will be no kissing, hugging or any

sexual contact. I do not wish you to touch me again, and I certainly

have no wish to touch you. I knew that from the moment Ray put his

cock into me for the first time tonight."


"I love you", I said, my voice trembling. "I don't want to lose



"Then you will do exactly as you are told." She replied, coldly.


The pattern was set, and she began to visit Ray several times a

week, to be fucked by him or his friends.






Chapter 2


About two weeks later, on a Friday morning, I was standing naked in

front of the sink shaving, having just got out of the bath. By this

time, Amanda and I were sleeping in separate bedrooms. She appeared

at the bathroom door, leaning on the doorframe. Her long black hair

was tousled, and her pretty face still showed the signs of

tiredness. She wore only a short blue robe, which showed a lot of

cleavage, and accentuated her long white legs, and pretty feet with

their scarlet painted toenails.


"How's it going?" she asked, with a grin on her face. "Have you done

plenty of jerking off, picturing me with Ray's fat cock embedded in

my pussy? Or perhaps you imagine my pretty red lips around his shaft

as I suck him off and swallow his cum?"


She stood right in front of

me and opened the robe.


"Or do you perhaps imagine what those studs are doing with all

of this? I see my words are having an effect on you!" I hung my

head. Lifting my chin up, she said:


"You would really love to be allowed to fuck me again, wouldn't you

Michael? I nodded that I would, more than anything did.


"I'm sorry to disappoint you, my poor, celibate cuckold hubby", she

responded. "But I have more than enough on my plate, dealing with

all my studs." Laughing, she made towards the door, then

turning back, told me not to be late home, as we had people coming.


"Who?" I asked.


"You'll see" she laughed, and walked away.

I arrived home at around seven that evening, and went straight to

the lounge. Inside were Amanda, Ray and his flatmates Dave and

Roger. All three were naked, and my wife and Ray were on the sofa

smooching, while Dave and Roger watched from the armchairs. They had

all obviously had quite a bit to drink. On seeing me, my wife jumped

up and came over to me.


"Darling", she began, "This is Roger, and that is Dave. I should

tell you that I have had the pleasure of receiving the large cocks

of all three of these gentlemen in every orifice of my body, while

denying you, my dear husband, any sexual contact whatever." She

giggled, and the three men laughed at me.


"We decided", she went on. "That you should not only know that you

are a cuckold to these three men, but should also see it, and

participate. So be a good boy and strip, just like the rest of us."

I protested that I would not, and Ray jumped up, grabbed my arms and

pulled them behind me.


"Amanda, I think you should slap your husband, until he agrees to do

as he is told." He said.


"It will be a pleasure." Replied my wife.


Moving forward, she raised her arm and slapped my face backward and

forward, at least a dozen times, with all the force she could



My ears were ringing, and I begged her to stop, saying I

would do as she asked. When I stood naked in the middle of the room,

they all had a good laugh at my poor endowment.


"Now", Amanda told me. "As I said, we want you to participate, so I

want you to crawl over to Roger, and kneel between his legs. That's

it. Now, I get more pleasure after the boys have cum once, because

they last longer. What I would like you to do is suck the first load

out of each of them to increase your wife's enjoyment, OK?"


Knowing I had no choice, I took Roger's cock in my hand, and lowered

my mouth on to it, beginning the unpleasant task of sucking him off.



"Boy", Roger laughed. "This wimp needs a lot of practice!"


"Don't worry", replied my wife. "Before we are finished we will turn

him into an expert, cock sucking faggot."


When I had relieved all three men of their cum, they relaxed and had

another couple of drinks.


Finally, Amanda got up and told me to

watch, as she pleased all three men at the same time. Roger lay on

the floor, and my wife straddled him and placed his once again erect

cock into her cunt. From behind, Dave slid his cock into her arse.

In the meantime, Ray had knelt in front of her as she took his

swollen member into her mouth.


I was forced to watch the scene, as Amanda whimpered and sobbed over

Ray's cock. While the other two pushed into her from front and back.

With a cry, Ray came first, and shot his load into my wife's soft




He beckoned me over, and made me place my open mouth just

below Amanda's. She opened her mouth, and a mixture of Ray's slime

and her saliva slid into my mouth and down my throat. I gagged

slightly as I swallowed.


Roger and Dave carried on a little longer, and finally with a yell,

shot their loads almost simultaneously. Amanda let out a loud moan,

as she was flooded with sperm from both sides. Dave pulled out, and

my wife raised herself off Roger's cock. She turned to me.


"Get down and suck Roger's cock clean", she ordered. I knelt between

his legs, and sucked the remainder of his cum and my wife's juices

until he was clean.



"Now suck Dave clean", she said. "He will be different, there will

be a flavour of my shit on his cock. Just another taste for you to

get used to!" I did as I was told. It tasted awful, and I almost

vomited as I carried out the disgusting task.


"Now for your first contact with my body for some time", laughed

Amanda, as she kept me on my knees for a good twenty minutes,

sucking the cum, first from her arse, and then from her sopping



After I had finished, Amanda dismissed me.


"You get off to bed," she said. "You can jerk off over what you have

seen tonight, while the boys carry on fucking me on your behalf!"


After that night, one or other of the men would come to my house to

take Amanda out. They always made sure they arrived early, so that

when Amanda came down, she would find me on my knees, with her

lover's cock deep in my mouth. This always gave her pleasure, and

she would taunt me, calling me her cock sucking, cum drinking,

cuckold faggot.


As if all this were not enough, Amanda dropped a bombshell on me two

months ago. She told me that she was going away for a month, with

Ray and a number of his friends. She went on to tell me

that she was to be fucked by an equal number of black and white men.

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