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A Nieces Revenge


By WimpHub



Chapter 1


My life has been turned upside down because of my lust for my

young niece Tara.


Let me explain. My sister Fiona married 18 years ago and moved to

Scotland because of her husband's job. Although we kept in touch

by letter and telephone, we never saw each other until her recent

divorce, when she returned to our home town with her 17 year old



I was invited to my sister's home soon after their return, when I

met the young girl who was to ruin my life. Tara is a beautiful,

black haired girl, 5'9" with a 36 24 36 figure, and long sexy

legs. I was smitten the moment I saw her, and became obsessed with

the idea of getting her into bed.


Don't get me wrong, I loved my wife Sally and did not want to hurt

her. We are both 36, and she is as beautiful, with the same

stunning figure as when I married her 12 years ago. But she has

not seemed to be keen on sex for some time, and the sight of

Tara's nubile young body got my juices flowing again.


I began spending a lot of time at my sister's house, on the

pretext of helping her settle back in. Tara sensed my attraction

to her, and would flirt with me outrageously when we were alone.

Eventually, I decided to chance my arm, and made a move on her.

She initially rejected me, but with the hint that maybe something

could happen in the future.





After about two months of trying, Tara finally suggested that I

call round at their house, as her mother would be out for the day.

In a state of high excitement, I got round there as fast as I

could. Tara greeted me at the door in a tiny night-gown that

accentuated her fabulous figure. We went into the living room, and

she began to kiss me passionately. Then, breaking away she said:


"I have a confession to make Uncle Michael. I like my sex a bit

kinky, would you mind if I were to put you in handcuffs?" My dick

was getting so hard I would have agreed to anything right then, so

I agreed to her suggestion that I strip. When I was naked, she

pulled my arms behind my back, and slipped on the cuffs.


She commented that my dick was very small, but that it would not

matter. Taking it in her hand, she led me upstairs to her bedroom.


"Sit on the spare bed", she said to me "While I attach the cuffs

to it so that I can play with you without you being able to move."


Having secured me, she stood in front of me and began to run her

little hands over my chest, making my erect cock throb. As she was

doing this, the bedroom door opened, and to my great shock my wife

walked in, completely naked! What shocked me even more, was that

in her right hand, she was holding the huge cock of an

equally naked, tall muscular man of about our age. She smirked at

me as they walked in, and just said "Hello darling" as she got on

to the bed with the mystery man.


"This is Wesley, my boyfriend Stephen's father", Tara explained.

"You thought you were going to spend the afternoon fucking me,

instead you are going to watch while your wife cuckolds you!"


"That's right", my wife agreed. "You were going to be unfaithful,

and I am going to show you what it is like. I am going to take

Wesley's cock, and please it in any way that he wants me to, right

before your eyes". With that, she lovingly held Wesley's cock and

lowered her mouth on to the head.



"Oh look", said Tara, still stroking my body. " See how that fat

cock stretches Sally's pretty red lipsticked mouth. Look how she

sucks him like it is the best cock she has ever had. In a few

minutes, she will be receiving it into the sweet cunt that you

thought was all yours. Do you think she will like it?" I panicked.


"Please Sally" I implored. "I am sorry about what I was going to

do. It will never happen again. Please don't let him fuck you, we

will go back to the way we were."


"A bit late for that", laughed Tara. "Wesley has been fucking

Sally for the last two months.


I introduced them just after I told

her about you coming on to me".


"Yes", agreed my wife. "Wesley has made me feel like a happy

fulfilled woman for the first time in years. I love him and his

beautiful big cock, and I will never give him up. If you

want to stay with me, you will have to accept that I am sexually

his woman exclusively, and you will be a celibate cuckold." I

began to weep at the shock of what I was being told.


"Don't cry Uncle", Tara soothed me. "Look, Wesley is about to put

his cock into your unfaithful wife's cunt. Enjoy the show!"


I watched miserably, as the huge man slid his monster easily

into my wife.


"Oh Michael", my wife sighed. "You have no idea how good it feels

to have a real man sized cock in me. He stretches me to the limit,

and makes me feel things I never felt with you.  He knows I will

do anything for him, that I am his slut and his whore. Come on

Wesley, fuck me hard, show him you are my master, and that he has

lost his wife to a supreme cocksman!"


Wesley began to plough into my wife, to her sheer delight. All the

time, Tara kept caressing my body, occasionally brushing my still

throbbing cock, keeping up a running commentary of the action in

front of us.


"Look how he slides that magnificent cock in and out of her,

listen to her cries of joy. I bet you have never heard her as

vocal as that!" It was true, I hadn't.


Wesley had been fairly quiet up to then, but now he spoke:




I am nearly there, my little white, cocksucking slut, are you

ready to take my load of cum in your belly, to show your

wimp husband that you belong to me now?"


"Oh yes Wes" she screamed, "Give me it all, let me have your

beautiful cum, make a woman of me!" Wesley obliged, sending

several jets of his seed into my wife's womb as she swore her

final orgasm.


When they had composed themselves, Wesley dressed, and having

kissed my wife warmly, left the room. Sally got up, and walked

over to me with a triumphant look on her face.


"How did you enjoy seeing your wife of twelve years acting like a

complete slut with another man?" she asked. I sobbed that I hated

it and wished we could work things out. She laughed that things

would never be the same, and that I had better get used to my new

role. Turning to Tara she said:


"Tara darling, my poor husband still has an erection, it seems

only fair under the circumstances that I allow you to make it soft

for him."



"Of course auntie", Tara replied, releasing me from my restraints,

and standing me up. She put her arms around my neck, placing her

lips on mine Lost in the pleasure of this, I was totally

unprepared for the knee  that suddenly and viciously smashed into

my balls. I screamed in agony, and dropped to the floor, holding

my abused nuts.


"Thank you Tara", laughed my wife. "You are kind."


"It's a pleasure", replied Tara. "If you can't help your darling

Uncle, it's a poor show!"


My wife then pulled me up by my hair and said:


"I really enjoyed seeing Tara hurt you. Open your legs, I want to

hurt you myself." I pleaded, to no avail, and my abused balls were

crushed by a second female knee, causing me to fall. Just to

finish things off, Tara stamped on my vulnerable face.


Laughing happily, they left me lying there and went home.



Chapter 2


The next morning after this incident, my wife and I spoke very

little. I did try once to persuade her to stop seeing Wesley, but

she was adamant that now she had found him, she intended to enjoy

his cock as often as she could, whether I liked it or not. I went

off to work with my head in a whirl.


When I returned home, I found a note from my wife. It said that we

had been invited to my sister'' for dinner. She had gone on ahead,

and I was to follow as soon as possible.


I got to my sister's front door and rang the bell, hoping that

Sally and Tara had kept my humiliation to themselves. Some chance!


Fiona opened the door, and said:


"Ah, my brother the cuckold. You had better come in." Embarrassed,

I entered the living room. There, sat on one couch was my wife,

cuddled up to Wesley. On the other Tara with her boyfriend



"You remember Wesley of course", my sister began. "He is the one

who spent yesterday afternoon with his cock in your wife."


Everyone laughed at this, while my face got redder and redder.

Fiona introduced me to Stephen, who just gave me a look of amused



We sat down to dinner, with me alone on one said of the table, and

Sally, Tara and the two men facing me, all revelling in my

discomfort. During the meal, Tara slipped off her shoe, and was

surreptitiously rubbing my crotch with her stockinged foot. All

the while, she was giving me a "You would love to fuck me,

wouldn't you?" look.


After dinner was over, my sister got up and said it was time for

business. She placed a chair in the middle of the room, and told

me to sit. The two men took an arm each and held them behind me,

while to my surprise, Fiona removed my trousers and underwear.


"You tried to defile my young daughter, you perverted little

bastard", she announced. "I have spoken to Sally, and for Tara's

safety, we agree that you should now wear this chastity device."

With that, she knelt down, and expertly fitted and locked the



I asked how long I would have to wear it. Without

speaking, Fiona went to a drawer and came back with a tube of

super glue. Opening it, she squirted glue into the lock of my



"Forever!", she spat at me. "The only way to remove that is to

have it cut off, and if you do that, Sally will leave you. I will

also tell the rest of the family what you have done, and nobody

will want to know you." I panicked at the thought that I was never

going to get any relief in future. My wife spoke.


"There you are Wesley darling, now you know that my husband is

unable to fuck me, you can be sure that I am completely your

woman. One thing though, do I have your permission to flaunt my

body at him, tease him and cause him unbearable frustration?"


"Of course, Honey", laughed Wesley. "Any time you like!"


"Now that I know she will be safe, I am happy for Tara to help by

flaunting her ripe young body, and doing everything to make her

Uncle's life a misery", added Fiona spitefully. Tara rubbed her

hands with glee. Fiona then suggested we all go upstairs to the

bedroom to begin my "never ending road of frustration".


When we got upstairs, Tara, my wife and the two men began to

undress, and Fiona sat beside me.  When completely naked, Tara

came over to me, and taking my head in her hands, kissed me



"Doesn't she have a beautiful body?" my sister asked. "You will

never have it of course, you will never have anyone ever again!"


Tara got on the bed with Stephen, and I looked across to see my

wife sucking greedily on Wesley's cock.


She stopped for a moment,

and spoke to Wesley.


"This is such a turn on for me, pleasing your cock with my mouth

in front of my husband knowing that he will never be able to cum

again." She went back to sucking his huge cock lovingly.



For the next half hour, I was forced to watch the two men

expertly fucking my wife and niece. All the time my sister was

saying how virile they were, and how they knew how to please their

women. Eventually, they finished, with both women having

satisfying orgasms.


A few moments later, my wife called me over.


"Look at the cum leaking out of my pussy Michael",



she said. "Just

think, your cock will never again do that. Be a good boy and suck

me clean." I hated the idea, but sucked her pussy clean as she



"Now take Wesley' sticky cock and suck that clean".  I protested

that I could never do that.


"If you don't", I heard Fiona say. "There are 5 people in this

room only too willing to hurt you very badly."


"She's right", added Tara. "I would do as you are told if I were



When I had finished sucking Wesley clean, Tara called me over, and

I had to repeat the whole process with her and Stephen. Fiona then

left the room.



After the two couples had lain there for a while, Wesley asked

Stephen if he was ready. Stephen said he was and the two men

changed places. I could not believe it. The two women were sluts

for both men!


"That's the advantage of knowing Wesley", my wife laughed. "I get

the experienced lover and a virile young stud!"


I sat there miserably as both women received another royal



Afterwards I was called on again as clean up man. When I

had finished, the two men dressed, kissed both women goodbye and

left. To my surprise and horror, Tara got on to the bed with Sally

and began kissing her. Now I was forced to watch the two stunning

women perform a lesbian act before my eyes. The frustration was

incredible as my cock desperately tried to erect inside my cage.


When they had both cum, they got off the bed and stood before me.

My wife kissed me deeply and said:


"You see darling, my beautiful body is for the enjoyment of both

men and women. But never ever again for you! Now unless you want

to feel Tara's knee in your balls again, I suggest you get on your

knees and kiss our pussies goodbye." I did as I was told.


The nearest thing you will get to sex in future", my wife went on.

"Is when Tara and I play with you, teasing and flaunting our

lovely naked bodies. Your poor little balls will be aching

permanently!" The two women were laughing wickedly, as Fiona

returned to the room.


"There is just one thing to be settled now". She said, pushing me

off balance. As I put my leg out to keep my balance, she swung her

leg and brought her foot up heavily into my balls.


"That's for trying to have your way with my daughter, you filthy

bastard!" she spat, while Sally and Tara laughed at my agony.


Because of my lust for my niece, my life is now a complete misery.

Sally taunts and teases me unmercifully, wearing revealing clothes

or nothing at all around the house. I am forced to watch as she

entertains Wesley or Stephen, or both, and I am regularly taken to

my sisters, where Tara sits naked on my lap kissing me for a long



I am then made to act as her lesbian lover while my wife and

sister watch with satisfaction as the tears of frustration run

down my cheeks.

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