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Cum Eater Ch. 02

by anything_goes_1971



Three weeks had passed since Jamie had visited us and left me fucked and full of his cum. Katie had been so turned on by what had occurred that she became obsessive almost about me being taken anally by another man, even saying that she didn't need to be there, just knowing what was happening was enough. I could understand what she meant as I felt the same when Katie was going out to meet and fuck another man; I would sit at home horny as hell until she came back to me, normally with a pussy full of her lover's sperm and the taste of cock in her mouth.


Katie had done just this with Jamie twice since we had all been in bed together, he had told her that he had enjoyed the threesome but it was a one-off, he just wanted to fuck her now. Concerned that I wasn't getting any 'action', Katie looked up local gay bars on the internet but I wasn't really comfortable with that idea, particularly because I didn't want to be seen going in or coming out of a known gay bar as it could cause me problems at work. Instead, Katie researched local, discreet pick up areas and discovered that a large porn shop a few miles from us was a known pick up site; apparently anyone looking at the gay DVDs was fair game for an approach. This seemed safer than the gay bar idea as I could easily explain my presence there if seen by anyone I knew.


I decided I would visit there that evening and see what happened; Katie couldn't wait and said she would be waiting for me to come back with a hot story to tell her. I was still a bit nervous but I knew that I had to try and experience another cock; since the threesome I was aching to have a big, hard cock inside me again. As I got ready to leave, Katie told me how she wanted as much detail as possible when I came home.


"Try and get a picture of you with his cock in your mouth, please!" she begged me. "I really want to see that, to see my gorgeous husband being sexually dominated by a stranger!"


I was getting aroused at my filthy wife talking like this, I felt luckier every day at being married to such a dirty slut.


"I'll try my best babe, that's if I even get lucky." I replied, hoping to myself that I would. I pulled Katie towards me and kissed her hard, letting her feel my solid cock pressing against her. She responded to me, sucking on my tongue but then pushed me away.


"Easy cowboy, calm yourself!" she laughed, "Tonight's about you getting cock, not me!"


With that, she handed me the car keys and practically pushed me out the door. As I drove the 15 minute journey I felt myself becoming more nervous, although my hard-on remained. It was about 9pm when I got to the shop and I went into the basement level, where I knew all the DVDs were. It was busier than I had imagined and I walked around the 'straight' section of films as I calmed myself down and checked out the other customers.


After about 5 minutes I decided to go for it and went to where I had seen the gay and bisexual films. I started to look through them, and found that I was becoming hornier by the minute as I looked at the film covers and all the guy on guy action taking place. I had become fairly engrossed in what I was doing and jumped when a familiar voice spoke into my ear.


"Didn't realise this was your scene?"


I looked up and saw Dean, who worked in the same office as me, looking at me and smiling. As far as I was aware, Dean was married as well and was straight. Then again, he probably thought the same of me and here I was, stood in the gay section with a DVD in my hand which showed a white guy getting spit-roasted by two well hung black men!


Not knowing why Dean was in the shop or how long he'd watched me, I decided to try and get myself out of the situation. "Hi Dean. No, it's just Katie has got this thing about seeing a gay porn film, thought I'd get her one so she can get it out of her system," I lied.


"Almost believable," he replied, "Though the bulge in your jeans tells another story," he said, looking down at my groin.


I followed his gaze and could see the outline of my own cock under the blue denim. Crap.


Dean stood closer to me and said quietly, "Come on, we're both here for a reason, why don't we just get out of here? I've got a friend who lives around the corner, we could go there, have a drink..." He left the sentence hanging but his hand on my waist made it clear what he was getting at.


Still slightly taken aback, I thought it over for a few seconds as I looked at Dean, noticing that he was very attractive and obviously looked after himself.


"Okay, but this stays between us?"


"Of course, Louise doesn't even know I'm here." Dean was referring to his wife, who it seemed, unlike mine, was unaware of this side of her husband.


As we drove the short distance to the flat, Dean asked me if Katie knew about my sexuality. He was surprised when I told him she did and that she had encouraged me to visit the shop.


"Better make sure you don't disappoint her then," he said and his hand rubbed briefly over my groin as I drove. My cock was solid and by this time, I just wanted to get behind closed doors and do what I had come out to do.


We arrived at the flat and when Dean knocked, the door was opened by a large black man who Dean introduced as Tyler. He too was very attractive and well built; he shook my hand as introductions were made and Dean told him how we'd met in the DVD shop.


Tyler looked me up and down, "So you're out to play while the wife stays at home?" he asked.


"Something like that," I replied.


Tyler took us into his lounge and went to get some drinks. Dean and I were sat at either end of the sofa and he got up to put on a film.


"Having seen what films you were looking at, you should like this one," he said as he hit play on the DVD player.


The film started mid-scene and showed a white man lying on his back, legs spread and in the air while a black guy with a massive cock fucked his ass and a second black guy knelt over his head and was getting his huge balls licked and sucked. I felt my cock begin to stiffen again and Dean sat next to me as Tyler returned with the drinks. I necked the whole bottle within minutes as I watched the film. Tyler was sat across the room and I watched as he undid his jeans and pulled out what must have been a 10" cock, which he slowly started to wank.


Tyler looked across at me and saw me watching him. "You wanna help?" he asked and without a seconds hesitation I got up and walked over to him.


As I went to get on my knees he stopped me and told me to strip. I did as he asked and he took his own clothes off as he watched me. I could hear Dean behind me; it seemed he was getting undressed as well.


"Now get on your knees and suck me," Tyler ordered.


I did what I was told and taking his massive cock in my hands I licked at his purple helmet and down his shaft to his balls. He was totally shaven and his balls felt massive as I sucked one and then the other.


"That's it; get that cock in your mouth. You want to be a black man's bitch don't you? Experience black cock stretching your tight ass and filling you with cum," he said, not really as a question, more of a statement.


I looked up at Tyler, my mouth full of his cock and just nodded slightly as I worked on him. There was nothing I wanted more than to be his bitch and let him use me any way he wanted. I felt Dean behind me, spreading my legs slightly and then wetness on my hole as he spat on me, using his saliva as lubrication for his fingers. He slid one, two and then three fingers into me.


I wanted more and pushed back against him. Taking my mouth away from Tyler's cock, I begged him to fuck me.


"Please Dean, stick your cock up my ass, fuck me any way you want."


Dean didn't need to be asked twice and seconds later his thick cock was forcing its way into me. I gasped at his size but welcomed it, I had been so desperate for cock and now here I was with two of them. Dean wasn't holding back, he had his hands on my hips as he thrust into me and I felt his balls slapping against my own as he rode me.


"That's it, take my cock up your tight little ass," he cried out, then addressing Tyler, he said, "Looks like I got us a right little cock whore and the best thing is, his wife knows he's here so we've got him all night!"


"Don't you worry," said Tyler, looking down at me, "You'll be getting sent home with an ass full of cum and wanting more."


Licking up the impressive length of his cock, I just looked him in the eyes and replied, "Give me as much as you've got, I just want to be yours and Dean's personal slut for the night, no limits."


Dean was really banging into my ass now and I urged him on. "That's it Dean, fuck my hole, fill me up, let me feel your thick sperm shooting inside me!"


Dean slammed his cock deep into me and went still as I felt his cock twitching and my bowels being filled up with his hot cum. He groaned in pleasure as he released his load into me for what seemed like minutes. I tightened my ass muscles, milking him of every drop of his sticky fluids as Tyler face-fucked me. I desperately wanted Tyler's load in my mouth but his cock was so big, it was hard to get a rhythm going.


As Dean's cock softened he withdrew, leaving me feeling empty; this wasn't for long though as Tyler decided he wanted a piece of my ass and they swapped places, with Dean presenting me with his semi-erect cock to clean with my tongue.


"Go on, you filthy cock sucker, clean me up," Dean ordered me, forcing his cock against my lips. I could smell his cum and the musky scent of my ass on him, but obediently done as he asked, taking his cock into my mouth and tasting his cum, swallowing what I could.


My mind was taken off the filthiness of what Dean was making me do when Tyler's cock started to enter me. His massive cock felt like it was ripping me in half as it slipped past my ring and up inside me. Despite the pain I pushed back, wanting this gorgeous black cock as deep as possible up my ass.


"Here, take a picture of the little whore," said Dean to Tyler, passing him his mobile phone. I heard the click of the shutter as Tyler took pictures of me, his thick cock in my ass and another cock in my mouth.


"Maybe his wife would like a bit of video to watch, so she can see what a slut her husband really is!" laughed Tyler and I looked around to see him filming me, panning the camera phone from my well filled ass to my face.


"Go on slut, suck his cock, show your wife what a cock sucker you really are," he said as he filmed the scene. I knew Katie was going to love this so I went back to Dean's cock, licking and sucking it for all I was worth.


Tyler pounded into me, I knew that I would be in pain after this night but didn't care. His thick cock felt perfect as it slid in and out of me and I pushed back, wanting all 10" of it. Tyler didn't disappoint and his entire length slammed into me, making me cry out in a mixture of pleasure and pain.


They fucked me like this for what seemed ages, Tyler could keep going indefinitely it seemed and Dean's cock was now hard again as he forced himself down my throat. Tyler's efforts sped up and I moaned in pleasure as his cock assaulted my ass. Suddenly, he pushed as deep as he could and I felt his cock throbbing as cum coursed through it and deep into my ass.


"That's it, fill me up Tyler, give me your black cum!" I cried out.


This sent Dean over the edge and he pushed my head down onto his cock as he came for the second time. His creamy cum splattered into my mouth and I swallowed as fast as I could, loving the taste of him and wanting every last drop.


Over the next two hours Dean and Tyler both fucked my ass twice each and make me suck them clean afterwards, I felt like my insides were swimming in their juices and my tongue was lined with cum. By the time they were done with me, I got dressed and Dean saw me to the door.


"Fancy visiting again?" he asked.


"I think that's a very real possibility," I replied.


Dean pulled me to him and kissed me on the mouth, our tongues entwining together. It was the first time that night I had experienced anything other than good hard fucking and abuse.


"I, or should I say we, will look forward to it. Stay in touch," he said to me and I left the flat to drive home.


As I drove the short journey I could feel my ass leaking cum onto my underwear and was grateful my car had leather seats. Suddenly my mobile beeped and I had received the pictures and then a short video clip, sent from Dean's mobile. Attached to the files was a simple message, 'For Katie'.


It was after 1am when I got home and Katie was waiting up for me in bed.


She smiled at my worn out appearance, "Well, I take it you got lucky?"


I handed her my mobile and she watched the film of me with Tyler's cock in my ass and Dean's cock in my mouth.


"You dirty bastard!" she laughed, "You got a black and white cock, lucky you!"


I just smiled and Katie pulled the duvet to one side, inviting me in to tell her everything. I fondled her clit and soaking wet pussy while Katie wanked my cock as I recounted the evening's events. Her hand moved down and to my stretched asshole, which she was easily able to slip all 4 fingers into. Looking at me with a filthy smile, she pulled her fingers from my ass and held them up in front of her, all dripping with a mixture of the 6 loads of cum that had been deposited into me.


"Waste not, want not," she said and tongued each finger clean before going between my legs and sucking the remaining cum from my ass.


Once she was done, she came up my body and kissed me deeply, passing some of the sticky mess into my mouth, which I eagerly swallowed.


"You are such a dirty bitch," I said to her, laughing.


"That makes two of us it would seem," she responded, "So, when are you going to invite them here so I can watch for real?"


I just smiled at the thought of that and how I would like to see Katie riding Tyler's cock while Dean fucked her ass.


"Soon, babe, for definite!" I replied, again feeling the luckiest man in the world and wondering what the future would bring for me, Katie and our shared love for cock.








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