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collection of experiences and themes by  Cuckold M., a real submissive husband

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1. Cuckold Stories - What's New (updates)




2. Cuckold Stories, Category: Hot Wife in Cuckold Marriage

How does one become a cuckold husband or a cuckold sissy husband? How many husbands are there, who know that their true place in life is to live as the humiliated cuckold of a cuckoldress wife? How does a wanna-be cuckold husband gets from cuckold fantasy to cuckold reality?


Some of stories in this category:  

The Honeymoon is Over

Newly married wife and mother in-law dominate husband.


Cuckold Wedding Idea

During the reception Her Lovers come to congratulate you, You will recognize them because they will hand you the ripped condom packages during the handshake and will kiss the Bride on the mouth (or not). She will order you to show them your "chewing gum" if you have had that already


Cuckold Wedding

A few months before the ceremony, the cuckold has a piercing done on the head of his penis, a large silver or gold ring is inserted.  Before the wedding, the cuckold purchases a long gold chain.  When asked to give her the ring, you hand her one end of the chain, the other end is attached to the ring.



cuckold marriage

When this works properly, the wife and the husband are on the same page from the begining of the relationship. The wife knows that she deserves much more, sexually, than her inadequate husband can provide for her. So, there is a mutual understanding that the Wife will be obtaining sexual gratification outside of the relationship. Rather than opposing this or trying to change it, the true cuckold husband accepts this fate gladly.





3. Cuckold Stories, Category: Cuckold and Creampies

Humiliation of forced creampie eating. While Wife and lover have sex, cuckold receives leftovers.



Some of stories in this category: 

Cuckold Training Session   - Story of cuckold who is expected to eat cum.

As my cuckold you will be expected to eat your own cum without hesitation and I will teach you how to do so.  There is a technique you must learn to master the art of eating your own cum..... After all, what good is a cuckold who can't swallow cum.


Cuckold Tale of Creampie and Three Farts

All farts are not created equal. Not in our cuckold household anyway.

Creampie Cuckold Humiliation

Husband's cuckold fantasy is turned into reality of ass licking, forced cocksucking, creampie eating and humiliation.


Cuckold Cum Story

Vanessa was now pleading with me to eat her, to bring her to her hardest cum of the night. The Creampie Cum, we called it, when her post-fuck release would cum, making her orgasm so intensely from my eating the creampie that she would sometimes back out.



MISTRESS took her finger and wiped the cum that was on my lips and placed it on my tongue. Then as if she were reading my mind, she said, DON'T swallow, just roll the cum around in your mouth for a while and savor the flavor.  



My wifes rolls of onto her back and I can see the cum leaking out of her slit. Both of them are laying there watching me with my hard on , unable to provide relief for myself. 





4. Cuckold Stories, Category: Forced BI

The power of dominant Wife is ultimate. She is forcing her wimp husband to pleasure the bull. The process of forced BI is ideally suited for cuckolding and humilitation.


Some of stories:

 How I Became Cuckold

Story of a man hooked on cuckolding and forced BI domination.


Cuckolded by a Real Bull

Forced BI story with elements of orgasm denial, chastity and bondage.
Cuckolded husband is restrained while Wife is having sex. He is not allowed an orgasm until he agrees to suck cock.


Cuckolded and Used

Mistress is forcing her slave to be used by her lover.


cuckold forced stories





5. Cuckold Stories Category: Hot Wife Stories

The term Hot Wife refers to a married woman who has sex with men other than her spouse, with the husband's consent. In most cases the husband takes a vicarious pleasure in watching the pleasure of his Hot Wife and the man or men, or enjoys watching, hearing, or knowing about his hot wife's adventures. Husbands may also take part by engaging in threesomes, or arranging dates for their hot wives.


Extract from stories: 

Hot Wife Orgy

Hot wives are having an orgy at the adult club while cuckold husbands have to watch and lick cum while locked in chastity belts.


Cuckolded For The First Time

Husband is having trouble satisfying young wife’s sexual needs. She becomes a slut for her boss.




6. Story Category: DOMINANT WIVES

Dominant wives have the last word, period. The husband is willing to accept absolute control over his life, financially, sexually and socially, because he understands that this disciplinary arrangement is driven by the love of his dominant wife and that she will only correct his ways for his own benefit.

cuckold and dominant wife stories






If you’ve submitted to discipline as part and parcel of your marital relations, you’ve also "explicitly" or "implicitly" accepted that your Mistress Wife is the adjudicator. 

If you truly believe that your Mistress Wife is head of the household then she should decide what is cheating.


Real story of Cuckolding by Mistress Wife

Certified cuckold husband's story of becoming a submissive sex slave. Long, hot and unusual story.

Cuckolding by Mistress Wife, part 2

Cuckolding by Mistress Wife - Submissive Sex Slave, part 3

Cuckolding by Mistress Wife - Cuckold Slave, part 4

Cuckolding by Mistress Wife - Submissive Paradise, part 5

Cuckolding by Mistress Wife, part 6

Cuckolding by Mistress Wife - Another Night in submissive paradise, part 7

Cuckolding by Mistress Wife - Abused Husband, part 8

Cuckolding by Mistress Wife - Devoted Husband, part 9

Cuckolding by Mistress Wife - Slave's Life, part 10

cuckold and mistress stories




8. Cuckold Stories Category: Submissive Males

Being a submissive male to a Woman is an act of true love. Crying while being spanked by your Wife makes for very special and very meaningful spankings. You must learn to submit, to obey, and to surrender.

A submissive male who deeply loves a  Woman should put Her first in everything and be submissive to Her.

submissive cuckold stories





9. Cuckold Stories, Category: CUCKOLDRESS

Cuckoldry is a must to keep husbands in line, particularly if circumstances prevent a Woman from taking multiple spouses. The rules here are simple: the Wife is allowed, encouraged-to pursue affairs, heterosexual and otherwise, outside of the marriage, while the husband must remain faithful exclusively to Her.


Some of stories in this category:

Real Cuckoldress

My husband introduced me to the FemDom lifestyle over our many years of marriage. He was wise to begin by stressing the male servitude aspects of the FemDom lifestyle and not the D&S activities.


Cuckoldress Wife

I had always had the fantasy of cuckolding my husband, even before I ever knew who he was. I just loved the thought of a cuckoldress wife having other lovers while her husband had to remain monogamous.


Humiliated Cuckold

My husband had grown to the place in his submission to me that I felt I could take on another submissive. I told my husband that I felt the next step in our FemDom marriage was for me to exercise my authority and liberation by having the right to have sexual relations with my other submissive.


Submissive Cuckold and Cuckoldress

My cuckoldress wife has agreed to allowing me monthly orgasms but it must be done her way. I am cuffed spread eagle on the bed and she climbs on me offering me her pussy lips. She knows how to tease me with slow strokes, and once I feel ready to explode, she stops.


cuckoldess stories





10. Cuckold Stories, Category: FORCED CHASTITY

By enforcing staying chaste, the Domme Wife controls one of the most itimite aspects of life of her sub. Forced chastity implies that the sub hands over the control of his sexlife totally to his Domme. She decided when and how he is allowed orgasms.

Forced Chastity - A Christmas Cuckold

Cuckold gets his present. Chastity, cum eating, cuckolding.




11. Story Category: CHASTITY SLAVES

Reminding the chastity slave that his penis is for the Wife's pleasure, as her toy rather than as a male sexual organ, is an important element of cuckold slave training. The cuckold husband has to stop thinking of his penis as a source of pleasure for himself because when he has this idea, his attention will be focused on his penis. His only purpose of living has to be the pleasure of his Wife.





Femdom tease, torture and orgasm denial. Stories of cuckold humiliation, small penis humiliation, tease and denial.

Contract of Cuckolding, Tease and Orgasm Denial


Tease, Denial and Cuckolding

Story of tease and denial, blueballing and orgasm control. Virgin husband is forced to lick lover's sperm.





Tips and techniques for teasing, owning and having fun with your cuckold husband.


humiliated cuckold stories

•Purposely bringing your cuckold to erection simply to enjoy the ability to do so is perfectly within the expected and accepted behavior for a hotwife.


•Your cuckold would greatly prefer the frustration of this interaction in order to enjoy the intimacy of it than to have his obsolete genitals be ignored by you.




14. Category of Stories: COCK TEASING

Cock teasing is usually practiced for the express purpose of creating powerful feelings of sexual frustration and pleasure in the person being teased by singly or repeatedly bringing the subject to the brink of orgasm without actually causing orgasm.





15. Cuckold Stories Category: SISSIFIED SISSY CUCKOLD

Sissy cuckold must practice everything he learns, and WILL practice over and over again. Sissy cuckold will be sent to clean other peoples houses, he will have to cook for huge amounts of people, will have to become a master of soiled clothes, an expert at ironing; a scientist of dirty toilets and insanitary living conditions, a subject for the experimentation of his mistress and her household.


Extract from this category:

Cuckold Points

"However," she continued, "I will let you decide how much of a sissy you want to be. I have my preferences of course, and that's why I will offer you incentives, but the CHOICE is YOURS. If you wish to take advantage of these incentives then you can choose to become a sissy cuckold. You already are a cuckold and you always will be. But becoming a sissy cuckold will be your choice - you're going to have to want it and you're going to have to work for it.


The Exposing  - sissy cuckold story by Evil Wife

There was a stunned silence after Tania had introduced me as Carla her sissy cuckold maid.

Sissy Cuckold

If you're new to the world of sissies and cuckolds you may have heard the term sissy cuckold, but you're not quite sure what that means. You may even think you want to BE a sissy cuckold, but first you need to understand exactly what that is.


Sissy Cuckold Training

A typical training session should include, first and foremost, the donning of a maid outfit, appropriate for the day and the tasks at hand. The sissy maid must complete a litany of tasks, at the discretion of the Mistress.

cuckold training stories





In addition to straight humiliation, many common submissive fetishes involve humiliation of cuckold. These include anything  such as golden showers, being an animal such as a dog or pony, foot worship, wearing a diaper and infantilization, and wearing women's clothes. Even loss of control could be considered humiliating for cuckold husband. Just being dominated by a woman can be a humiliating experience.


Extract from this category:

New Ways to Humiliate Your Cuckold Husband


A Different Sort of Cuckold

The wife does not want to use her husband any more, so she loans him to her friend.


128 Ways to Humiliate Cuckold Husband


How to Humiliate Cuckold Husband

Hot ideas.


Cuckold's Boss Steals His Wife

Story of a horny wife and a cuckold husband who cannot meet her needs. Husband is humiliated, locked into chastity belt and treated as a mug. Forced BI, slavery, cum eating humiliation.








Cuckold Story - Cuckold's Letter

The following is a letter of reply to my friend who just wrote about his wife's first 'date'.


Cuckold Story - A Husband Owned by His Wife

She seemed to enjoy rubbing her messy pussy all over my face especially sticking my nose inside her. When she felt finished with me, she would roll off me and go to sleep. When I would wake up in the morning my face would be crusted in her lovers cum.


Cuckold story - Jackie Makes Two Cuckolds Submit

I think that what drives a man to desire to be cuckolded is intense desire for a woman, even to the point of needing to see her at the highest point of erotic pleasure.






Stories about Wife who dominates and humiliates her husband. Kind of dominant Women that every one of us hope to be married to.





My Gift - femdom and cuckold story

Synopsis: After 30 years of marriage, a husband submits himself to his wife as a gift. Together they re-ignite passion for each other and create a whole new relationship, where he is nothing more then her slave and cuckold and she grows to be a strict and demanding Mistress and femdom Wife.

Story of inslaved husband: 
Cuckold Journey, part 1

tags: inslaved cuckold husband, cheating wife, orgasm denial for cuckold, domestic femdom, forced cum eating

Tonight Margarite was being very gentle with me. Usually, after my milking, she would do something like dig the heel of her shoe into my balls or tell me to get the nipple clamps or a paddle. I think she was afraid of freaking Ralph. 


Story of cuckold husbands and swinger wives who went black:  The Circle of Cuckolds

tags: interracial cuckolding, humiliation of husband, wife serving

Linda noticed, but pretended not to. It was just as Sarah had predicted. Her own husband was turned on at the thought of Black men fucking these white wives that he had known and been with for years....






A cuckold husband is a married man whose femdom wife has sex with other men. 

Cuckold husband takes on a submissive role where he is monogamous to Her, or only becoming involved sexually when it is felt to be emotionally supportive to her and her lover.


Some of:

Cuckold Husband - You Can't Watch but You Can Listen

....Basically, she gets to do what ever she wants and I don’t. So I guess that means I’m a cuckold husband.


The Cuckold Beginning

Cuckold husband is watching how the neighbor fucks his wife, then he is trapped in creampie eating.


My Personal Cuckold Experience

Husband is humiliated and turned into wife's cuckold bitch.



Cuckold Husband by Mistress Taylor

Husband is humiliated for Wife's entertainment.





Slut Wife and cuckold - sex lifestyle where the dominant Slut Wife is in charge of the relationship and makes her cuckold hubby serve her whims, watch her having sex and suffers humiliation at her hand.





The creampie is the absolute ultimate thing for any cuckold... the ultimate honor, the ultimate pleasure, and the ultimate humiliation.





Some of the best cuckold stories:

Cuckold Story, Title

Category of story


Extract from story





Rules for slave in femdom marriage


cuckold marriage



my "place" is on my knees before my Wife, for it is a privilege and honor to be Her slave.


How to cuckold your husband



cuckold husbands




Turning your husband into a cuckold can be one of the most rewarding things you ever do.


Stories in pictures

tease denial, cuckolding








Sex for cuckold?






real stories







I've been allowed to cum just 3 times in 2011 - all supervised masturbation. Once licking my cum off Her ass, and once cumming on Her pussy and slurping it down. The other time Mistress ordered me to cum in my panties and leave it there. Intercourse for me? Forget about it!







Teen femdom






best authors






Slave Shoelicker

She held both her feet over my face and I was overwelmed by the pungent smell of her soaking wet feet. The incredibly strong smell and the complete degradation before the crowd caused me to shudder with delight and total ecstasy.








How I became a cuckold







best authors







Lynn GKS

Husband is fascinated by the image of his friend sleeping with his wife and on the way to become cuckold. He discovers that he likes to watch his wife having sex.

Later wife finds a bull and husband learns a new kind of cuckoldry. He finds the joy of creampie eating.




Queening of cuckold husbands




cuckold husbands





Queening is, basically, the use of the male face, mouth, and nose and tongue, as a substitute for sexual intercourse and masturbation, by the dominant woman.










Hot wife orgy









hot wife










"Pay attention, Cuck" surfer man snapped. "Every cocksman here has at least 8 inches and every cocksman here will be fucking your wife. I was speechless. She would never go for that. "Oh, and one more thing, we'll be pounding every hole." No way, I thought, Shelley has never let me touch her anally, there was no way that she would allow complete strangers to fuck her in the ass...would she?







My dominant ex-wife






dominant wives







I knelt there on the floor, cum dripping from my face. I was never so humiliated as I was at this point but my ex took her finger and scraped some cum off my face and rubbed it on her nipples. She looked at me and told me to suck her nipple and I did, cum and all, it didnt matter.






Tease, denial and male slavery





tease and denial





Mai Lei

Try this with your slave.   Don’t let him cum and put the cage on him.  Make him bath you…make him dress you……gently (or hard) play with his balls.  Go out to eat or shopping.   THIS WILL MAKE YOUR SLAVE CRAZY WITH DESIRE FOR YOU.  






Real cuckolds – posts





true experiences






When women are keeping us frustrated with tease and denial and/or chastity (or even if the man is just a premature ejaculator), and they require us to play a game of "How long can he last?" or "Who will cum first?" in order to earn sex or something else that submissives and cuckolds are usually denied.







Total cuckold







forced bi








Humilation is where it's at she always told him....yours that is. It's fucking hot. He loved it and hated it and she was a master at it. She'd coaxed out his submissiveness in the beginning and once exposed she wasted no time in stepping up to the degrading brand of cuckolding she was into.






How I became chastized cuckold





best stories






This fantasy story series contains or will contain elements of Male Chastity, Orgasm Denial, Female Domination, Cuckolding, Interracial Sex, Bi-sexual Innuendo and Tendencies, Teasing, and BDSM Activities.







The family cuckold












Cuck Robin

Mary (my wife) decides that our daughter Gina is old enough, and mature enough, to know about our lifestyle, my submissiveness and my craving for sexual humiliation. She orders me to strip in front of Gina and show her what I wear under my normal clothes: panties.









Cuckold's diary








best stories








Paul Pines

So as my wife kissed her lover, I licked his sperm from her lips. I tried not to gag as the semen flowed into my mouth, and I realized that what I saw and tasted was just the overflow; he had cum deeply inside her (deeper than I ever had), and what I licked up was only what would not fit in her vagina, her womb. I licked her clean, and they sent me back to my chair.










The circle of cuckolds









best stories









Cucked Hubby

For her part, Linda was amazed that he had acquiesced so readily. It was kind of insulting, after all. Still, the idea of her husband servicing her orally after a night of fucking with her Black lover was a definite turn-on. She almost regretted having cleaned herself so thoroughly before getting dressed at the party. Maybe, she thought, James was right after all about cuckolded hubbies being more docile.








Stories by Lisa Rains







best authors







Lisa Rains

This happy, super-hot wife knows how to have a good time. She dominates her sexy slave hubby and makes him give her all the fun and pleasure she can handle. She even brings her boyfriends home and makes the poor guy serve the two of them. In this slice of life story, she tells us about a typical week in her life. (Fdom, F/M, spank, cuck, bi, oral, exhib, voy)









My forced cuckoldry








best stories









This was the moment that changed our relationship and lives forever, this was the moment my forced cuckoldry was going to start, but of course at the time although I suspected this I was in denial, I was still telling myself that this was a one off, and now it was over and we would now be able to go back home and put it behind us. I couldn’t have been more wrong.





Confessions of a cuckold




cuckold husband





I am a cuckold. Which means that my wife freely engages in sexual activity with other men, while I'm not allowed to have any kind of sexual relationship outside of our marriage.







Real cuckold – new stories






real stories







Keywords being "vows of poverty, chastity, and obedience", this should be right up the alley of many a cuckold hubby and dominant wife. Control him financially. Control him sexually. Just plain control him by making him obey you.









The essence of love








best authors








Wayne C. Rogers

Carolyn took my right hand and placed it on her leg as she kissed me again. I felt the impression of garter tabs beneath the skirt. I found myself becoming aroused as her lips moved to my mouth. I could feel the tip of her tongue pressing forward, pushing its way between my lips. My hand gradually worked its way under her skirt, sliding up the sheer nylon to the warm flesh of her thigh.



Stories by Cuckytoher


best authors



Stories of cuckolding, male chastity, dominant wife and orgasm control.







Reflections of a slave husband






submissive husbands







I live 24/7 in service to my Mistress/wife because I like it that way. My Mistress/wife enjoys the role of Mistress and enjoys giving me the pain that I love to receive. (Is it pain, or a Dom's love?) But I receive all of it because of a combination of "I really want it" and "She wants to give it".









The cuckold proposition








best authors








Wayne C. Rogers

My reward for all of this was the pleasure I got in listening to all the juicy details of her affairs when she returned home. Since my wife knew I wasn’t jealous of the other men and that I actually found her infidelities to be sexually exciting, she took great pleasure in describing to me in minute detail the facts of what actually transpired, knowing that it would result in a night of unbelievable sex for us.





New ways to humiliate husband





sexual humiliation






„Cuckold's Coctail“ - take two to three shots of Bulls cum, add an equal amount of Mistress piss... to this stir in a generous mouthful of cucky snowball spit. Top off with a very small dash (ie a full ejaculation) of cuck dribble.








Cuckold journey







best stories


“On your knees Bobbie, crawl to me.” I did as I was told. “When you get to my feet, you may lick them.” This was already something new. Margarite had liked to have her feet kissed and her toes licked but always with her shoes off. It was clear to me that Susan had no intention of taking hers off.








Male chastity







real stories








My wife and I have been living a female dominated lifestyle now for about 3 years. We would not want it any other way. When I am unlocked for small periods of time our relationship tends to get extremely dull and non-sexual. I start jerking off and loose all attraction and sensuality towards her.









Cuckold's humiliation








cuckold husband









I gladly dropped my g-string and revealed my prick that still had the word 'cuckold' written on it. Christina giggled again and said to hurry up and stick it in her before she changed her mind. I had fantasized about fucking her many times before and couldn't believe I was about to do her. Even though she had just been used, she was still gorgeous and the fact that she was all sweaty made her look even better.






Few more stories:  


























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